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Jan 12, 2004
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Feb 2, 1989 (Age: 25)
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These Open Fields
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The Freeman, Male, 25, from These Open Fields

No Mar 8, 2012

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Apr 23, 2014 at 10:47 AM
    1. Nomad
      Hello. I am blind.
    2. the cow says moo
      it's over 9000!!!
    3. Acepilotf14
      Oh god, too much cuteness on one page!
    4. Gray Fox
    5. Acepilotf14
      I'd say that's a victory for the common man, eh? Anyway, thanks for the avatar man. I'll see you on steam chat.
    6. RakuraiTenjin
      Seriously, you're ****ing retarded for trying to compare pedophiles "plight" to racism. You deserve for your family to find this shit, period. You need to be committed or taken out back and shot. If you honestly have these child sex drawings I am not kidding. Stop mastrubating to kids and get some ****ing help.
    7. RakuraiTenjin
      Go back to camping out at the playground pedophile. You only embarass yourself. You hide it because you know it is wrong and if your own family knew they'd probably commit you.
    8. RakuraiTenjin
      People on an internet forum supporting pedophiles doesn't make it in anyway okay and not a sickening lust that needs to be dealt with. The rest of the world agrees and its the reason you have to be so ****ing shady and secretive with your disgusting collection.
    9. RakuraiTenjin
      All I need to see is within the first page you admit to having DRAWINGS OF CHILDREN HAVING SEX. You deserve much more than what happens when your family finds this shit, seriously
    10. RakuraiTenjin
      why so desperate to defend your lusting for children? There is no defense for pedophilia, and someone who IS a pedophile (yourself admitted) deserves what happens when outed in real life. Hopefully soon your family finds out.
    11. RakuraiTenjin
      I'll smoke a pedophile with no remorse mayne there isn't anything to defend about lusting for children.
    12. Vegeta897
    13. RakuraiTenjin
      This guy admitted to having child sex drawings. No joke, PM me for the thread where he does.
    14. knut
      Cheers man!

      It's Jello Biafra, ex-frontman of the Dead Kennedys :D
    15. Rakurai Fan
      Why thank you.
    16. Rurisu
      Its a shame that thread got closed just as the guy revealed the real reason behind his mis-guided anger. He even admits to conspiring to have a person assaulted, time for another investigation me-thinks :P
    17. Acepilotf14
      Because you happen to be the best person here for the job. >.>
    18. Acepilotf14
      I need your help, sir VAG. I need you to christmasify my avatar.
      In return, I shall give you loli.
    19. Raziaar
      Your page is so crappy. That's why I replied to my own. So pfft.
    20. Acepilotf14
      I am, aren't I?
    21. mchammer75040
      VEGETTTTAAAAAAAAAA add me on steam
    22. Escaep
      Yup 17! Now i can legally buy M rated games! THanks for the bday wish, i didn't think anyone knew who i was here.
    23. BabyHeadCrab
      I'm a fan of your work, what can I say? It's great to hop on and see your comics from time to time, definitely a highlight. Keep doing comics and art, they're awesome and hilarious.

      are you in school?
    24. Azner
      Actually, its because i was out of Singapore, i went to Malaysia, but yeah i get to the animation when i have nothing to do, its not a super project, i just add on to it time to time...

      Also, its f*cking hard to type and know whether im making errors writing this, having to highlight to see if i have mistakes or such.
    25. Azner
      I am reminded that ive been putting your animation on hold a long time
    26. Krynn72
      A hypocrite ay?! Well you'll see how we handle hypocrites around here!

    27. Krynn72
      They were only questioning her gender. Talking about her fantastic tits isnt the same.

      Also, **** your profile page. Any spelling mistakes are on your hands.
    28. Gemma
      better now?
    29. Gemma
      Ohh, now i feel all bad......gahh
      i'll change it, or wutever
    30. Gemma
      you should accept it
      because im awesome
      some people say retarded but im sure they mean awesome, right?
    31. Azner
      Go see isotown forums or the art and design section.
    32. Iron Kat
      Who's the guy in your av?
    33. ZT
      Whoa, when did Vegs become a white supremacist?!
    34. soulslicer
      oh gawd now its stuck on my profile forever, until I delete the post that is, or probably I wont
    35. soulslicer
      your avatar arghhh!!!

      rips head off
    36. Mellish
      Now that you have highlighted this you must perform oral sex on me.
    37. The_E
      OMG IM SOOO STUPID! i waited for 10 mins for the page of your profile to load and then i realised that its actually all white!!!
    38. kineaesth
      I was poasting at Kenji. I edited.
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    bring back Munro. atleast with him running the site, i could speak my mind and my posts didnt get deleted.
    Just remember this and this


    Feb 2, 1989 (Age: 25)
    Home page:
    These Open Fields
    Self Employed
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