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Jan 12, 2004
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Feb 2, 1989 (Age: 25)
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The Freeman, Male, 25, from These Open Fields

No Mar 8, 2012

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Apr 23, 2014 at 10:47 AM
    1. Krynn72
      I was on .70, and upgrading to 86 seems to have fixed it. Thanks
    2. Krynn72
      You know I never think before I leap. And my curiosity still stands, even if you need to take out the hypocritical part.Also if your chrome acting stupid? None of your images in the dump have shown up for me, and several other peoples' as well. Its not their host either, because I see some imageshack ones fine, but when I check the host of non-workinfg ones.. they're also imageshack.
    3. Sheepo
      Thanks coach!
    4. JUL3
      Hey thanks man :)
    5. Pax
    6. Krynn72
      Every Thursday. The newest season has been fantastic. I dont think theres been a single episode that I didnt find funny.
    7. Solaris
      I'm a big fan of your posts as of late but your wall hear is unreadable in the tan theme
    8. Sheepo
      Copy/pasted from KA's page:

      Dear KA,

      Upon further investigation, I was unknowingly making use of a browser function (that I didn't realize I had) that highlights things in yellow. For some reason, it chose to highlight '' every time it appeared. I realize now that I was the only one who saw in yellow wherever it was written (how embarrassing!). In light of these new facts, I would like to apologize for insinuating that your use of power is either unhealthy or unproductive.

      Sincerely yours,

      P.S. I would like to emphasize that despite your responsible application of power, you still make me smile.
    9. Sheepo
      I was curious as to why is yellow. It was your message that set me off, if that makes you feel important.
    10. Sheepo
      I learned from the master.

      Also, merely testing something:
    11. Ennui
      thanks man, it's been difficult but not too bad, just got sick of wasting all that money and feeling like a chimney all the time, and i'm really diggin this whole "smell" thing, i had forgotten it existed.... my gf is really supportive about it so im doing pretty well so far.
    12. Chrash
      I don't know, "crash" i guess. I kinda thought I spelled it right. But I was too lazy to have it changed.
    13. Maria Flores
      i'm 59 going on 60. asl
    14. ríomhaire
      And the thing is you probably couldn't pronounce ríomhaire to save your life.
    15. Sheepo
      I was keeping the image dump hate going. I'm considering posting that image in there.
    16. Krynn72
      So you should check out my profile and see whats being posted on there.
    17. Gargantou
      I'm a militia fighter!
    18. Gargantou
      This one is better!
    19. CyberPitz
    20. YROC
      Teehee, you know you love Lady Gaga.
    21. Holy Toaster
      It's not yours that gives me the migraine. It's Ace's silly anime one with the conflicting colours everywhere
    22. Holy Toaster
      It makes perfect sense! At least with yours |I don't get a migraine every time I look at it!
    23. Solaris
      DiDid you writre this?

      There once was a man named Vegeta
      Who thought he was quite a bit leeter.
      Yet nine thou on the gauge
      left him maddened with rage,
      and he went and destroyed his own meter.
    24. Krynn72
      Quit being so literal all of the sudden. Why can't you let me make jokes?
    25. Krynn72
      *wags tail happily*
    26. Krynn72
      I demand that you acknowledge this. I spent like 45 minutes trying to figure out how to do it.

    27. Tollbooth Willie
      Shuzer commented on your profile. I'm jealous.
    28. jverne
      I couldn't see anything on your page, so i was kinda WTF? But i know the trick now :) sorry bout that
    29. jverne
      Pink ass dong cakeka!!!! wtf is going on???
    30. Ravioli
      Nope i never changed my name lol, only changed my avatar twice. The avatar he has comes from a small animation video i made wayyyyyy long ago. He took a screencap of it and used it as his avatar. The video has since been lost.
    31. Shuzer
      Add me on Steam!
    32. Krynn72
      Thats what i was referring to.
    33. Danimal
      I shall sympathise with pedos instead.

      Hey, Vegeta.
    34. Danimal
      There is no external way to tell when a woman is ready to receive.
    35. Acepilotf14
      anime sucks and you suck for liking it
    36. Lizardizzle
      20,000 posts! :O
    37. Rizzo
      You got 20000 posts.. Also I hate you so much for making this so god damn hard to write on your wall.
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    bring back Munro. atleast with him running the site, i could speak my mind and my posts didnt get deleted.
    Just remember this and this


    Feb 2, 1989 (Age: 25)
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    These Open Fields
    Self Employed
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