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Oct 9, 2017
Jun 5, 2004
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The Monkey

The Freeman, from Sweden

The Monkey was last seen:
Oct 9, 2017
    1. BabyHeadCrab
      Hey dude you logged off but I was going to ask you why your professor said Iceland and Japan were the only "true nations" - that piqued my curiosity. Take care Mr. Monkey.
    2. Rizzo
      "Munsbit" Är ett hemskt ord. "munsbit". Fy fan. Hatar ordet.

      "Ja kommer snart, har bara en munsbit kvar!"
      "Gott de luktar! Kan man få en munsbit?" osv.
    3. SimpleAssassin
      Ill be honest i love pretty much all of their stuff, it depends what mood im in. Though their post-punk stuff is brilliant
    4. SimpleAssassin
      You like the Cure, we shall now be friends
    5. NeptuneUK
      The Neptune liveth again. From the ashes rises the pheonix ascending to a glorious flame.
    6. Krynn72
      NO YOU'RE GAY!
    7. VirusType2
      I didn't end up even liking the album version of the song. The only good version of it in existence is that version where the ****ing faggit runined it by pushing him off stage.

      But isn't that always the case with music? I'm so pissed.
    8. David.Seth2
      hey sorry man, tried uploading it to youtube, but it "matches 3rd party content" blah blah so they wont let me upload it. You can download the episode though. just look for the one that aired may 5th
    9. VirusType2
      Hey, remember that Oasis video where the fan goes up on stage and pushes the guitarist off?

      What song was Oasis playing. I forgot and I've been trying to find that song since I saw the video.
    10. Raziaar
      Your thing wasn't showing on the Birthday List when I made the thread. :o

      Happy Birthday Dude!
    11. mocho loco
      mocho loco
      Happy Birthday!

    12. Sheepo
      Wyh arre yu alwhey postting wit sush ridikolus spellllin latley?
    13. mechanicallizard
      i like monkeys. there was a baboon on my roof a few days ago, it tried to eat my dog. seeing though as you are not a baboon,
      no hard feelings.
    14. Iron Kat
      Iron Kat
      I'm not used to seeing your avatar without the Santa hat! It just looks weird without it!
    15. Gray Fox
    16. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      :angry:You dare mock me!!! :angry:

      :monkee:My simian nemesis. :monkee:
    17. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      Watch out, it happend once and it could happen again
    18. Iron Kat
      Iron Kat
      How many times have been skydiving? I'm going to do a tandem jump for my birthday!
    19. Sheepo
      Congratulations. You have viewed my profile. Standard viewing protocol requires I befriend you. Optional befriending protocol allows me to present you with an amusing song.

      To me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.
      End is the only part of the word
      That I heard.
      Call me morbid or absurd.
      But to me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.

      To me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.
      End is the only part of the word
      That I heard.
      Call me morbid or absurd.
      But to me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.

      When I go fishing for the words
      I am wishing you would say to me,
      Im really only praying
      That the words youll soon be saying
      Might betray the way you feel about me.

      But to me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.
    20. Raziaar
      Haha, I was gone most all day yesterday, and it was posted in somebody else's birthday thread. SORRY! :D
    21. Raziaar
      Happy Birthday!!!

    22. VirusType2
      Happy Birthday! *Gives Bananas*
    23. Que-Ever
      This reminds me of something, but I can't think of what. Either Dinosaurs or Wonka.
    24. Bad^Hat
      This profile looks like I pooped uranium. Thanks for digging up painful childhood memories, jerk.

    25. Azner
      Smells like...

    26. _Z_Ryuken
      What's that smell?
    27. CyberPitz
      Oh trust me, baby, I know. <33333333333333333333
    28. Raziaar
      Weee, you updated it! Somewhat. Heh.

      Little hard to see the purple text, but the purple blackground contrasts well with the gray.

      EDIT: I said blackground, lol.
    29. Tarkus
      Purple haze
    30. Raziaar
      Come on man, get with it!
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