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Nov 7, 2017
Jul 3, 2003
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Jun 17, 1989 (Age: 30)
Brighton, UK
Student, pool lifeguard

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Companion Cube, 30, from Brighton, UK

Sulkdodds was last seen:
Nov 7, 2017
    1. Sheepo
    2. Sulkdodds
      Only now that our friendship is solidified on electronic paper do I feel confident in it. This is like when I was a kid and I never believed I wasn't adopted/kidnapped until my parents showed me my birth certificate. Story may or may not be true.
    3. Phobie
      Thanks you stupid skank


      I don't know, I thought we were but then it was all "befriend this sillybean" and I was all "K".
    4. Phobie
      Spare some change?
    5. kineaesth
      I like the ;
      Ohh tricky
    6. kineaesth
      I copped out. It looks pretty good though.
    7. Bad^Hat
      Good god I should really just bookmark your gallery or something.

      [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
    8. L3N!N
      Ban me i have finals no other mod will do eet
    9. SamuraiKenji

      Caps :3
    10. mocho loco
      mocho loco
      Hey, why was Gray Fox banned?
    11. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      Also **** the filter, no really this book explains clearly why.
    12. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
    13. kineaesth
    14. Kula Meenur
    15. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Dudds! What happen, haven't seen you use your banhammer in aaaaages!
    16. ríomhaire
      God damn it Dodds, make a new Short Story Competition for Christmas or I'll be forced to do it myself, and you have no idea how much pathetic fallacy I can bring down upon this forum!
    17. Kula Meenur
    18. Vegeta897
    19. Azner
      "Please donut make threads like this"
      That was brilliant. Oh gosh i love you man
    20. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      "Please donut make threads like this"

    21. Azner
      I have found your secret society.
      To think you would try to take me down behind my back.
      *Unleashes Deathsquad on Sulks*
    22. Azner
      Evolution is just an experiment!
      Ofcourse i joke, it be real i believe
    23. Azner
      Evolution is just a hypothesis
    24. Azner
      HEY DOOD
      Evolution is just a theory!
      *Awaits kick in the balls*
    25. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Heya Dodds, KA managed to dig this up :p

      In the words of a late busty blonde female porn star... "FREAKIN' GENIUS!"
    26. Iron Kat
      Iron Kat
      Sulks, you don't know an Ian Bell by any chance, do you? Reason I ask is that your saying Phantom looks like a fish really reminds me of Ian, as he said I looked like a fish on some of my ride photos at Blackpool. And for the record, I didn't. He was just being mean!
    27. No Limit
      No Limit
      I need some friends in high places, approve me please.
    28. kineaesth
      Indeed there is. Yet I do not have the time, bandwidth or moral fortitude to recreate The Horror. Did my dream about you distress you as much as it did me?
    29. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      I no aristocrat :(
    30. kineaesth

      Are you furious?

      Well so am I.
    31. Sulkdodds
      That's probably alright. But politics is SERIOUS BUSINESS.
    32. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      I was under the impression it was also fine if you were doing it while listening to the rolling stones?
    33. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      I was talking about the week ban for "Making aspersions about people's personal sexual habits".

      The one small enjoyment I still got from this place is getting away with spam and cursing while people
      around me got banned.
      Not that it's unwarranted unless you happen to be a retarted sock monkey incapable of
      viewing my attitude in the proper context.
    34. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      Even me? Because you're generally a ****, plus this makes you just awful.

      edit: also how interested are you in world poverty, globalization etc... and how much money
      are you willing to spend?
    35. MJ12
      Oh, it was Angry Lawyer, thanks for telling me!
    36. MJ12
      Hey, I was just wondering the other day, who was that one moderator that hasn't posted in quite a while, he was a fairly handsome guy, had blondish hair of normal length. Pretty sure he inhabits the same regions as you...

      He often told me that I looked like his younger brother, and I am almost positive he had a picture posted where he was with you and several other members.
    37. Omnomnick

      *whispers* Fav admin ftw. :D
      Well, most easy going :)
    38. ríomhaire
      You might want to delete Baby HeadCrab's entry from the story contest. On the same note, have you read over my story?
    39. kineaesth
      I had a dream that you, ('Sulkdodds'), were this really pathetic thirty-something guy who was overweight and unfit and unhappy. As a result you'd been put on a reality tv show with all these kids, the basic premise being 'is Sulkdodds more better than some kids'. You'd have endurance tests and races and stuff against these children, and you'd always get completely dominated, especially by this little Maori kid. At one point the challenge was to climb a big sheet of stiff fabric suspended from a wire that had the 'rocks' from rock-climbing walls all over it. All of the kids made it and you just repeatedly tried to jump over it, eventually either breaking your nose or being knocked unconscious.

      Anyway later on you had to go to my Primary school for the next stage of challenges, and you were sitting in a prefab classroom eating peanuts and rice crackers that the organisers of the show had given to you because they were 'good for you'. While you were eating you picked up the paper and saw an article about you and the show, and there was a box-out claiming to have unveiled this secret society you were part of called Hetairia. It had a drawn picture of all the 'members' sitting on/standing by a couch. However they were all either furries, disney characters, or shoddily drawn anthropomorphic versions of their avatars. They were also all named, like their usernames, but most of the names were complete rubbish. Then when you looked closer you realised they were all having sex. At that point either DEATHMASTER or DEATH eVADER came in and started spewing acidic semen on everyone in the picture (which, it had been accepted, could move). This was in order to wake them up so they could get back to rowing. However the semen got all over a tv at the school and so you had to run across the field to another class room to get some paper towels and clean the television. And as you were running across the field one of the kids from the tv show (a small red-headed girl, slightly chubby) saw you and raced you and you beat her and you were happy.
      Here's where it gets interesting. At first, my dream was from a third person perspective, but as the dream progressed I became you.

      As a result, when I woke up, I was hungry as shit for peanuts.
    40. VirusType2
      I asked Ennui but he hasn't responded. Rather than make a thread, may I ask if Adrik Senturu get a permaban? I didn't feel he was deserving of a severe punishment and have been wondering why he isn't back yet.
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    Jun 17, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Brighton, UK
    Student, pool lifeguard
    I am a young person.
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