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Jul 11, 1994 (Age: 19)
Not Sweden

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Newbie, 19, from Not Sweden

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    1. toaster-chan
      I believe you may be mistaken! Or perhaps I am mistaken. I was merely using pedophilia as a metaphor for my own, non-pedophilic circumstances; I essentially feel the same way as you on the topic, as I hold no ill will toward pedophiles for something as benign as a mere attraction. Though I am not one (and probably would've made that clearer if not for the haze of vodka), I do always feel quite uncomfortable when people take to denouncing pedophiles and going as far as to equate them with child molesters. There is a very bold line between thought and action!

      I probably would have more to say on this but I am so tired, so tired indeed
    2. toaster-chan
      I promise that all would've sounded nicer and more coherent if I did not have alcohols
    3. toaster-chan

      A pedophile is not inherently evil; it is only once he crosses the barrier between pedophilia and child molestation that he becomes morally unjust. Of course, you are already aware of this! And I am glad for it, because an attraction to children is not the same as action upon children; perhaps this would have been a better metaphor the point I was making ages ago. It is just like when my thoughts verge on the cruel and undeniably bitchy; certainly no one can claim a crime has been committed against them unless my surreptitious thoughts manifest into disgraceful acts against humanity.

      Oh ho ho, who's so self-absorbed as to compare the moral dilemma faced by pedophiles on a day-to-day basis to her own minor problems? Is it me? Is it? I think it's me.

      I don't know who thought it would be a good idea to have a character limit for these messages but that person is an asshole for sure
    4. toaster-chan
      Hello, I'm sorry, but I am mildly drunk. Well, that is, I was drunk, and now it's just five in the morning and I'm not drunk but very tired (which will produce many of the same results to a lesser extent). And there was still vodka. Vodka is disgusting, son, and I wouldn't recommend it but it gets the job done when need be. I read in a thread where you said (rhymes) that pedophilia is not inherently a bad thing, and I am glad to hear such words from you. I fear that (especially in the US) pedophilia has become the boogeyman of the age, and that largely people feel a knee-jerk reaction to the concept.
    5. toaster-chan

      Oh, surely it's a cliche, and surely I've no guarantee to longevity, but I feel that this is more a symptom of being human than being young. And I drive a car, but I wish I didn't have to. I would like to live somewhere where I won't need to drive.

      The reason my previous message ended so abruptly, I believe, is that it felt too relevant to my current state of affairs to continue on with some philosophical blathering. To speak of my own situation in the terms of the hypothetical and assign complex arguments bordering on strawmen to each ideology is... rather horrifying, and in the end I'm right anyway.

      I can say with entire honesty that I never would've suspected you to be anything other than a native speaker of English, and you handle the language with quite a bit of skill. May I ask what your first language is?
    6. toaster-chan
      That is quite surprising, actually. Was I happy at fifteen? Well, in a lot of ways I was, but to be honest I can't really remember. I think I believed I was happy, but looking back I had a fairly skewed view of things around me. I'm certainly happier now, though. Not that I wish to make any presumptions about your own life, however; what if I promise happiness and prosperity within the coming years, and you get cancer or something? Shit man that'd suck I'd feel pretty bad for sure

      I feel invincible, for the most part. I am continually enamored with the inner workings of the human body; I know plenty of ways it could falter and give way under its burden, probably more than most people know. And yet, even as I guzzle vodka straight from its bottle, I presume there is some sort of supernatural force guarding me, because how could I fall victim to the cruel turns and twists of fate?
    7. Rossjg
      Thank you.
    8. toaster-chan
      I suppose that is good, and to the common observer, the degree to which my niceness is superficial is probably irrelevant. Is a bitch still a bitch if her bitchy thoughts are known only to herself? Perhaps, perhaps. Can we call a man a murderer if his crimes exist only in his imagination? Ah, but what a slippery slope I've tumbled down! Certainly a physical crime such as murder cannot be rationally compared to a crime of the heart (such as bitchiness). Though I suppose it is largely irrelevant anyway, because I selfishly hoard my ill will for just a select few; certainly there must be a bit of flexibility before I find I've become a cruel bitch sporting a saccharine facade.

      Right! I'm sure that is of no interest to you. Anyway. I see you're fifteen, and I'm rather impressed. I was fifteen once, too. How's it working out for you?
    9. toaster-chan
      Hello hi there, I am glad that you like me or at least the version of myself which I project on internet forums
    10. Botolf
      Yes, I noticed after that there was a direct response button :P
    11. L3N!N
      Are you Norwegian Salmon!? :D
    12. Rossjg
      There goes the beginning of a long, beautiful friendship.
    13. Rossjg
      Please do not tell me you missed the reference with that username.
    14. Rossjg
      Trust me - I know what I'm doing.
    15. Acepilotf14
      happy berfday
      yesterday was the best day ever
    16. Xendance
      haha well not sure what to say then.
      happy birthday for saturday!
    17. Xendance
      restore last session?
    18. Raziaar
      Thanks dude!
    19. Raziaar
      Thanks for believing in my awesomeness!
    20. Raziaar
      Sane? Say what? Globbaw Globbaw!
    21. kupocake
      That's probably a sign of abnormally compulsive behaviour. I'll change it when I think of something new and funny.

      Don't hold your breath :P
    22. Mech Man
      Oh well. I accept that it is probably an urban legend of some sort however , I still believe it is quite possible albeit probably rarer than stated.
    23. Mech Man
      Well to be honest the figures I heard was 14 in a life time , which is slightly more realistic but I assumed I had got it wrong when that thread came about (and some one quoted a yearly average) so I changed it to 14 a year.
    24. Mech Man
      I know this seems a little weird posting here instead of in the thread about spiders but it would seem rude to carry on an argument there. Anyway you said they had a list of sources , however all of those said sources just came from a book saying that it was made up and had no evidence to suggest it was not possible (scientifically speaking). I do believe that it is 100% possible to ingest spiders while sleeping , sure maybe the statistics of how many are eaten a year are false because seriously who can know that sort of thing? But speaking from the spiders point of view it will see a warm cave like structure , a perfect habitat , without necessarily knowing that it will surly die should it choose to take residence in the mouth , that's just how I think such a thing could happen. I hope I was not too irritating by carrying this on. Good day sir.
    25. Sheepo
      Everyone always says that, as if I'll care or something.
    26. Sheepo
      Congratulations. You have viewed my profile. Standard viewing protocol requires I befriend you. Optional befriending protocol allows me to present you with an amusing song.

      To me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.
      End is the only part of the word
      That I heard.
      Call me morbid or absurd.
      But to me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.

      To me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.
      End is the only part of the word
      That I heard.
      Call me morbid or absurd.
      But to me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.

      When I go fishing for the words
      I am wishing you would say to me,
      Im really only praying
      That the words youll soon be saying
      Might betray the way you feel about me.

      But to me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.
    27. kaleid
      Well, the Valve Hammer Editor.
    28. kaleid
      Indeed it is. Besides that, half of it has a little connection with the HL/Valve world :)
    29. kaleid
      Peter Gabriel fan? :P
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    Jul 11, 1994 (Age: 19)
    Not Sweden