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May 3, 2013
Jan 2, 2006
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April 14

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Tank, from Meh

Rizzo was last seen:
May 3, 2013
    1. Sulkdodds
      I didn't close shit, man!
    2. Raziaar
      Yeah, I checked it today before I even saw your message on here. Thanks man, you did make my day!

      I pretty much never go in the music forum, that's what took me so long to get to looking in it again.
    3. Vegeta897

      Also you said almost exactly the same thing about my profile the last time you wrote on it.
    4. Tollbooth Willie
      o u no jus chillin sup wit u bby
    5. Kula Meenur
      I'll get it reduced to zero, my hero! :D
    6. Hazard.Squared
      Holy Sh*t Rizzo, calm down dude.
    7. Hazard.Squared
      Whoa haha, calm down, that's not my opinion, that superman thing is a quote from the second Kill Bill movie. Chill man.
    8. 15357
      Hey, default looks way better than... um what is this anyway lol :p
    9. 15357
      I was originally going to comment on how awful the page looks, but one look at the conversation below had me laughing out of control. :laugh:
    10. Willsmith.fan
      well ui r my only friend
    11. Willsmith.fan
      well y dont u ever post on my page to ask how im doing?
    12. Willsmith.fan
      i thought you were my friend
    13. Willsmith.fan
      Thank you for standing beside me, your suppport is appreciated.
    14. Shift
      It needed to be said! haha, thanks anyway :)
    15. jverne
      Looks quite nice, who makes them?
    16. jverne
      Sorry mate, didn't had the chance yet. My paycheck isn't in yet so...but it's on the list.
      50$ seems kinda pricey considering is sells as low as 20$?
    17. ZT
      I do what I can.
    18. Darkside55
      I got one from KA too. Which surprised me. Of all the mods I expected him to turn a blind eye. In fact the only people I ever anticipate getting infractions from for bypassing the word filter are Pi and Fishbulb.
    19. Darkside55
      Most of the time the mods seem to grant me leniency. They send me an infraction every now-and-then to keep up appearances.
    20. Murray
      I love Metal Slug. :D
    21. Rossjg
      We're not a hive-mind.
    22. Rossjg
      I have no idea.
    23. Eejit
      Hah, it was doomed already. I just gloat.

      Deserved to die anyway, spammiest pos thread on the forums.
    24. mechanicallizard
      an honour and a privilege, if i do say so myself.
    25. mechanicallizard
      you are now in my sig. congratulations. or not, depending on your view of me.
    26. mchammer75040
      I'm not sure. You can **** so Im sure someone has modded it to where you can fight
      anyways, its noon here, I should be getting on second life sometime tonight. Add me on steam:
    27. mchammer75040
      Your free to join in with us in second life. just go dl it, its free and only 60 mb client. then let me know what your name is and We'll join up with you.
    28. lefty
      I play bass and sing, though I don't think I sang in any of those songs... actually blew is a cover of Nirvana, and shouldn't be up there, but meh.
    29. Ennui
      also holy shit we have the same birthday... were you also born in 89?
    30. Ennui
      haha :p if you lack imagination why try to make an april fool's joke?
    31. Reginald
      No one has swooooned my yet. Swept me off my feet, you know?

      In other words, probably yes. But I'm seeing what Pesh is doing. Try and hire him too! :D
    32. Reginald
      iiii don't think so. good thing i'm not playing today though. hungovvverrrr
    33. Raziaar
      Man I've been on a crazy ass befriending spree tonight. So many damn oldeys that I didn't have on my friends list before. They keep cropping up. :o
    34. VirusType2
      whatup man. I haven't been on in a while.

      I got your PM and responded, but my internet crashed and it didn't go through.

      If I remember correctly, your question was about my involvement in martial arts. Many of my family members are black belts or higher, but I've never gone to any classes or anything myself. I was just taught a few things when I was really little, like the proper way to strike and defend, and so that was just built into me while growing up. I just hit a bag to stay sharp, but I'm over 30 now, and you know that is beyond retirement age for most fighters.

      Take care.

    35. Kula Meenur
      haha yessir. Nah was after the set of tinypics she posted beforehand :p

      cheers mate
    36. YROC
      It's okay, I forgive you.
    37. YROC
      Hey, you gotta do the cooking by the book.
    38. Kula Meenur
      I want your hair brother, but i haven't the balls to cut it off :(

      Kinda wondered what it's like :p
    39. danitiwa
      Hehe. Teh Balkans ftw.
    40. Kula Meenur
      I posted the smileys in response to what Evidence said lol

      Bugger :(
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