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Dec 20, 1985 (Age: 33)
Bristol, UK

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Tank, 33, from Bristol, UK

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Dec 7, 2013
    1. Iron Kat
      Iron Kat
      Ha, not for a long time yet! I still haven't got a provisional license yet and I don't know when I'll get round to getting motorbike riding lessons. I will get them at some point, and i already have an idea about the kind of bike I'd ultimately like to get: a Honda Super Blackbird!
    2. Iron Kat
      Iron Kat
      Do you ever find your arms get really achy after a long motorbike ride? I've just come back from a ride and my left arm is killing. I reckon ot would be worse if you're riding pillion, though. Would you agree? It was a great ride, though. It was the second time on my dad's Ducati 944 and we hit 80mph four times!
    3. Acepilotf14
      There is a lot of Gargantou on this page
    4. Calhoun
      REP +1,000 for telling it how it is.
    5. SimpleAssassin
      youre a biker. you win
    6. Kula Meenur
    7. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Jverne will debate that point until the cows come home mate :(
    8. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Haha, sounds all too familiar :P Fell off myself today at a roundabout. Cosmetic damage to myself and the bike, no biggie. Slowing down to go through a roundabout and this bitch gets in my line of sight, so i slow down, think everthing is safe and speed back up again (i had checked the roundabout a few times on approach and was all clear). Bout 10m away from the roundabout at this stage.

      Then i see this ****in car comin out which comin round the roundabout and i jump on the front pics whilst drifting over to the right of this **** on my right. I did an e-stop but ended up losing contact of the front end and i ****in lowsided the **** right at this entrance. In this particular intersection, there was about 2 or so metres gap from the give way and the physical roundabout and thats where i stopped slidin. ****in turfed it just seeing the tyres of the car go right by. Get up check my fingers, this bitch to my right ****in boots it (i reckon she must have thought she was at fault) and the missuz behind me is stoppin traffic.

      Anywho pick the bike up and wheel it over to the side on the grass by the roundabout. Gear lever is ****ed and bent inwards (don't know what your config over there is, some people say your gear lever is on the right???...go figure) and indicator is bent inwards abit, rear apolstry is slightly marked (not ripped, just needs a wiping over) and foot pegs are scratched up (doesn't change much tbh lol ;)).
      Only damage is a friction burn on my left leg and some bruisin on my ass. This bitch on my right was some twat that was dicking with me some time earlier, putting herself in my blindspot and me in hers. We'd evaded her earlier because of this. Prolly my only stack up in the past 9months.

      The last one since today was when i had to lay my CBR down because of a group of juvi cyclists decided to jump across the road in front of me. ****s laughed about it after i picked myself up too. 9months is probably the shortest stretch of unstack time for me, so i'm sad to set a new record...:'(

      Yeah, riding in 45C is a bitch really, 25c sounds lovely :P jokin, i can imagine how you feel mate :) Salt corrosion can be a bitch too, i'm currently trying to repolish the 250 (also, need to reservice it due to the stack...meh) because my brother was riding it around mandurah and the salt air around there really corrodes it to shit. He didn't really take care of it, didn't wash it or anything. Havin a winter bike sounds like a really good idea! Do you have one?

      Spain and Greece are beautiful places you got a good idea in your head mate haha! :P
    9. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Yeah most learners hop on a bike, get over their first stage fear factor then end up doin stupid shit and falling off. A mate of mine had to lay down his bike a short while ago due to some dumb ****er doing 120k down his lane going in the opposite direction. He came out of it alright though, with only cosmetic damage to himself and the bike. ****in lucky. He only got off his open bike l's too. he reckoned he was hot shit up until that point, then he realised and says "every guy has to fall off a bike at some point, at least i got mine out of the way". Yeah repiV, he's got a lot to learn hehe :P But he's a good bloke

      But yeah, before i hit the road, my tutor took me out in the sticks and had me running around for a few months on dirtbikes. I can't stress the importance of this enough. I reckon if every learner spent a while on dirt first, then they would understand the limits of bikes + how to corner with correct head, gravel riding, how to powerslide and basically just correct riding skills like throttle control and weight management. ****in idiots hit the road and think their hot shit. End up buying themselves a white tag on thier toe.

      In actual fact, i got led on the other day at a set of lights by a bloke on some midweight (think it was a ZX8-Ninja) and here's me on a 250 and i still swept the legs out from him all the way to the next set of lights down the track. i mean he's on a ****in litre bike which seriously you need experience to ride well, and he's flow and changes were shit (from what i could hear, he was some distance in the rear). I just wanted to sardonoically ask him the engine size of his bike at the next set of lights but the guy wouldn't look at me :P Most guys round here reckon they ride ten tenths but cant ride for shit. The only person i reckon rides that well would be the missuz. She's ****in fearless man, i swear she'll come round the inside of you on a corner and hit your kill switch , she already does this to my mates and pushes you away with her boot on your fuel tank. ****ing pure unadulterated lack of ****ing fear. Just makes you smile man some of the shit you see her do :) ****ing awesome rider

      Our winter (round june to august, but global warmin has ****ed our seasons up) is pretty good, usually anywhere between 15c - 28c. And yeah, you wont catch many guys riding then, most riders are fair weather riders in perth. Any weather is good riding weather imo...apart from snow and ice lol, never experienced that. What's it like?

      Our summer (late nov, early march) is pretty good, usually anywhere between 26c-45c lol, good fun! But you really need to have a light, airmesh jacket. The coastal road from Freo to Hillary's is usually good just before twighlight, so you still get in before the majority of the jackass period, and you still get a kick out of the sunset. ****in beautiful when you catch the sun sinkin our over the sea from the beach. Me and the missus ride there in summer and just sit there and watch. ****in fantastic.

      Lol the best weather over here is summer by far. It's when the chicks work on their tan and the nights become really active in terms of bikes (this is when any mother who think's he's game comes out). If you're after beachs though, i would skip the eastern states and hit WA, we have beaches that rival the carribean... i did a quick google images search and check this (...). Lol i sound like a tourist brochure. It get's pretty hot but once you get aclimatised it's beautiful. If you plan to come to oz for summer i would come late oct, early nov to get aclimatised before the weather change. It's the best time round nov - late jan because there's no humidity at this stage, just relatively low heat (round 28-35, 40's would be extreme).

      And i know what you mean by unbearable heat. I was born in ukraine and since i've been living here i got a this perfect even tan (so proud). I could go home (which i am planning to do sometime soon) and pick up as if i was picking up rubbish! I do miss the snow though, and the mountains and forests. Wouldn't really like to ride a road bike, but a Yammi AG220 would be the go i reckon :P

      Countin down the days till you get your cast off? What do ya reckon you'll do first mate?
    10. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Hehe patience is a virtue :D

      Sounds like you got the better deal on the licensing in London. But it's not all bad throughout Australia, in Brisbane they only have an open bike license and thats it (*envies Queenslanders*) :)

      Totally agree with you too mate, a lot of blokes don't know how to ride properly. Can't pick apex's well, shitty throttle control and their changes down and up are ****ed. You can see a bloke on the street and pick if he's a good rider or not... and some guys you see have the fear complex nailed into their helmet. I was tutored by a riding trainer at Barbagello raceway over here and he taught me for a few years most of which some guys can't learn in a lifetime (most of the stuff he used to say is now buried deep in my subconscious lol).

      And **** yeah man, differnt kits can get expensive. i have a Dri rider nordic pro for my winter gear and another Dri rider airmesh2 for summer and at $400 AUD a pop it doesn't come cheaply ay :P Got a shoei starA helmet ($820) and a pair of draggin jeans ($220) which are all the rage now in summer lol so proud :P But then again, you can't put a price on safety; ya got a $10 head, get a $10 helmet imo

      If you're goin to sydney mate it'll be more worth your time if you stay way out in the sticks somewhere to get any good roads. Maybe if you stay in the more mountainous regions...dunno... I live in Perth atm, where ya don't have to travel far to get a whole bunch of nice twisty roads (in the Darling ranges, ****ing beaut forest-canopy covered roads) where there are bugger all jacks and you can really get the bike up and work it's powerband well. Some of the roads you can get anywhere up to 220-250ks and really ****in go for it ay (280km if you're really good). The roads here you put your litre bikes on and really test them and yourself out. I try and do this with any bike i spend a lot of time on, but atm, the little VTR250 just doesn't have the legs :P

      Yeah, so if you stop in Perth hop on the net and give us a pm! Hope Sydney is good for ya whenever you get there. ever been to the land of Oz before?
    11. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Good to hear you're on the mend mate :)

      Thanks for that too, sounds like the bike nightlife would be one to be experienced over there! In WA our bike culture is shaped over what licence we hold and what the connection between riders is like. Here it's a bit of a bugga cause you have to get your 250 licence before you get your open bike which is like 250 plus, and scooters are covered up to 50 on your driving licence which yeah, makes them about as common as muck. I hold my open bike and i find it a bit frustrating cause you end up spending stupid amounts of money in your 250 stage that you didn't necessarily have to spend. Ended up costing me a pretty penny, my next upgrade is to a Ducati 1098, got about $6000 on trade in value :)

      Adding to that if you average and guesstimate the total worth of gear and bikes on a bike run it gets pretty astronomical. Never seen it in that light before lol.

      Anywho, cheers for answering mate!
    12. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Heya repiV! Hows that leg comin along eh mate? Another couple of months eh?

      Don't mean to be a pain in the arse, but i went on a bike cruise a couple of days ago for charity and there was a big kiwi bloke there riding a 1000 07CBR a mix of harley davidsons. Anywho he was noting to me the mixture of crotchrockets and harley davidson cruisers; the fact being that back in his country they never ever mixed together, even on charity runs (the davidsons snub the jappy bikes). Since i started my riding time in Australia i've only ever witnessed one diverse riding culture, but i do see the arrogance of harley riders every now and again, even more so now that i've down graded to a little 250. Personally i stick to riding with my own type, but i don't mind milling every now and again lol. Anywho, just wondering what your riding culture in London is like, and if different types mingle much? Do you get many harley's or big american cruisers over there? What do ya reckon mate?
    13. jimbo118
      Thinking of you now....
    14. Cormeh
      I just have to say...

    15. Ennui
      one day we will COH again and twill be glorious

      how's recuperation from the bike accident? back to maximum potential yet?
    16. Atomic_Piggy

      Wow this really is like myspace D:
    17. Raziaar
      Stopping in to give you a friendly hello!
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