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Dec 8, 2012
Nov 1, 2004
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Jun 4, 1990 (Age: 23)
From sweden, live in
Student- Junior

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Microboner, 23, from From sweden, live in

Ravioli was last seen:
Dec 8, 2012
    1. lord_raken
      So what's happened with the Earthcraft server? I'm really missing it. Any reason why it has not been updated?
    2. HDXX
      rawr get ppl on teh vent!
    3. Kaptain H
      Mostly we just get occasional dense emails about some new tool he implemented, but I think I only saw him here once or twice. Our building is broken up into two floors and separate wings, so you tend to see the same people over and over. I hear he'll say hi back if you pass him in the halls, but it's not advised to talk to him, lol.

      Though last week I overhead one of the programmers talking to the artist next to me about how he was having some trouble with the cloud stamping servers and emailed John about it. He's worked with him for years, and had finally got his very first reply back. It said "Try it now." He was so excited, I think he printed it out.
    4. 15357
      I, like you, hate summer, and don't know shit about Australia.
    5. Acepilotf14
      I know the guy who got the 200m get.
    6. Vegeta897
      Did you have a name change? For some reason I thought you joined in like 08 or something.

      You drew Beerdude's avatar!? That's insane. That image is one of the many oldschool avatars that are burned into my memory.
    7. BabyHeadCrab
      hoping to! she's beautiful :D
    8. Danimal
      I can't teach children about those things!
    9. BabyHeadCrab
      excuse the norwegian, girl who told me to say that to you is handicapped in that way

    10. BabyHeadCrab
      halla balla åssen hengern?
    11. joule
      I've got what you're looking for if you're still interested.
    12. Vegeta897
    13. Vegeta897

      You actually made me laugh with a pretty old meme. Grats.
    14. Dodo
      Yeah, guess you where on the wrong side of the Dam, ... around the canals you dont get all the "Coca?! Coca?! Hashish?!" shit ...
      Anyway, speak to you soon dude : )
    15. Dodo
      no problem man, did you enjoy yourself?
    16. Dodo
      The dampkring is about minute away from my work, if you want to have a smoke, send me a mail : )
    17. Raziaar
      Not sure why I haven't befriended you yet. But I do want to take a bite out of you now.
    18. SamuraiKenji
      I did not choose to do that
      I was young and stupid then
    19. SamuraiKenji
      You shall not use me to hang anyone(My last name is Lynch)
    20. Iron Kat
      Thankyou for using my av! Like I said it could've been done better by someone else, but I'm really happy you're using it. *Hugs*
    21. mchammer75040
      wow you have even less friends then I, you poor worthless excuse for a human. Anyways I just read your deus ex thread and Ive come here to say: DONT DO EET! Download gametap, they are giving it away for free on there for idk how long. As well as fallout 1 and some others... alright just letting you know.
    22. VirusType2
      Clear your mailbox. It's full. save it to the desktop as a text file, select all, and delete, then PM me.
    23. Saturos
      I think of Tommy Vercetti. Freakin' Italians.

      I've had real Ravioli's before too. Much more scrumptous than the canned variety.
    24. Raziaar
      I always think of Chef Boyardee when I see you post. :laugh:

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    "Like are you god damn kidding me" - Vegeta


    Jun 4, 1990 (Age: 23)
    From sweden, live in
    Student- Junior