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Oh hey there's a thing here. Apr 23, 2013

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Apr 18, 2014 at 4:55 AM
    1. Darkside55
      Paint.Net sounds kinda lame. Should get Gimp, even though personally I hate the layout of that damn program. But there are tweaks to make it look more like PS. It at least has a lasso...not sure if there's a magnetic feature, but it has a regular lasso.

      Speaking of original ideas, I wanted to do one based off the "Stop This Mad Brute" war poster, but as it turns out, someone else had already done it. It's well enough anyway; I wasn't going to get around to doing it.
    2. Darkside55
      I probably would've made myself a sandwich. Like a really big sandwich. But it would take half an hour because I'd realize I didn't have any mayo and so I'd have to run to the store, but there'd be a really big line and the old lady in front of me would have twelve items in a ten-items-or-less lane and she'd have to count out all her change, and I'd be like, "Come on damn it I just want to buy some mayonnaise."

      Anyway you can change the hue of something a lot faster in PS than in 30 minutes. Simple selection and image > adjustments > hue/saturation.
    3. Darkside55
      No dice you BLU bastard. For one week alone I will champion demoman in the name of RED.

      And by 'champion' I mean sit on the sidelines because I probably won't get a chance to play at all during the war. :(
    4. ZT
      That's the kind of men we are!
    5. AKIRA
      Hey Riomhaire, I emailed Munro and told him what happened and he lifted the ban but I have to be careful because of all the infractions I currently have lol.
    6. Darkside55
      Indeed it does. And I never took note of it before, but your profile is rather...blue...
    7. Darkside55
      You are a genius and a scholar, and your avatar is a true representation of your genius and well-breeding. I'm amazed I didn't think of that myself; I remember having preordered EQ2 just for the character creator thing years ago and never purchased the game.
    8. Darkside55
      "If you see a transformer in the wrong colour scheme, take two drinks.
      If it's one of the jets, take three drinks.
      If it's a casset, take four drinks."
      You'd be done for with only these three rules.
    9. nobody
      Thanks! Ristar=Awesome
    10. Jintor
    11. Jintor
      i l u riomhares
    12. Is This Tea
      You know it! I was sitting on the edge of my seat thinking, "God, I hope that they have more on that game that Microsoft already announced... you know, the one that's not Ep3."

    13. Sheepo
      It was admirably ridiculous, well done.
    14. CyberPitz
      Make me a new picture, then.
    15. Azner

    16. Raziaar
    17. G(ordon)-man
      I had no idea that headcrabs are republicans! Lol then combines must be democrats.
    18. L3N!N
      Just inquiring as to your drawing tablet...I'd like to buy one myself, and I was wondering if you had any info/url's on your drawing tablet? I'm mostly interested in the functionality/price...
    19. jet_porkins
      Hah, Nice profile. What's the name of the political party?
    20. Sulkdodds
      Quite busy but send me a subject brief and I'll do it.
    21. AJ Rimmer
      Four more years! Four more years!
    22. mocho loco
      Lol nice profile.
    23. Warbie
      My bad. SF2 = Street Fighter 2 & SMW is Super Mario World
    24. toaster-chan
      Someone with money should host a party where all the hl2net short story contest entrants go get smashed and then... sit down to write some god damn literature like the complete geeks that we are.

      It would be awesome.
    25. toaster-chan
      Oh man, I just had a GREAT idea. Next short story contest: WRITE A STORY WHILE VERY DRUNK

      It will be glorious
    26. toaster-chan
      Sounds like a plan! Next contest, I'll be prepared.
    27. toaster-chan
      Yeah, I figured that out the hard way. You could have warned me! Maybe I would've voted for you if you had.

      Well, I guess it all just depends on your propensity to prostitute yourself while sober. Or how often you get drunk.

      Say, maybe that vote wasn't entirely wasted, I just need get Sulk wasted!
    28. toaster-chan
      I know, I know.

      But he still didn't sleep with me even though I voted for him! What a god damn tease.
    29. toaster-chan
      I'm sorry! <3
      In the end I decided to ~*FOLLOW MY HEART*~ or some such bullshit. Which is to say, I waited until the last minute and then I was like "OH SHIT I STILL NEED TO VOTE UHHH I'M VOTING FOR SULK I GUESS?"
    30. Sulkdodds
      Nah, but I'm gonna. Same applies to BHC's entry. I'll delete it once the voting's closer, no real need now.
    31. jet_porkins
      Hah, yeah. Gotta love Mr. Snrub.
    32. Kamikazie
      /me wants.
    33. Kamikazie
      Really? What kind is it?
    34. Kamikazie
      Riom! How are thee?
    35. Combine_Advisor
      Adobe CS3 or something else?
    36. Combine_Advisor
      wherd'ya get that avatar?
    37. Ennui
      Thanks. And no, attention whoring irks me as well but it's pretty much unavoidable on the internet. The only time we punish it is when it gets absolutely ridiculous like the Princess_Jen incident :P
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