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Feb 22, 2010
Aug 27, 2007
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Newbie, from Elephant Graveyard

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Feb 22, 2010
    1. Danimal
      Heh sorry Paskiewicz, I'm not a furry myself - I'm not sure your fifty friends would have much interest in me.
    2. Danimal
      I guess 277 posts over three years is nothing to write home about, though I like to think of it as a matter of quality over quantity.
    3. DiscoBiscuit
      Join the club :P, it seems like everywhere i look on here, im surrounded by assholes. But i can handle it. The majority of them are kids whose life skills were learned on this site.
    4. DiscoBiscuit
      yeah, i'm here, been slacking off. Sorry I haven't been on. What's been going on?
    5. bfuccinaf
      Thank you...i have been putting it off for a while
    6. DiscoBiscuit
      yeah, i like it. never knew there were so many types of animals people were into sexually. :))
    7. DiscoBiscuit
      oh, im not a member of that but i look at pics all the time. Been going there for a while.just joined FA, i think it's pretty cool. have you checked out it's a ****ing huge collection of all kinds of furry art.
    8. DiscoBiscuit
      i'm on FA, what is DA?
    9. DiscoBiscuit
      Only one i found was Furspace,i'm noton their much though, but my name on there is Nekoblue
    10. Paskiewicz
      Though it seems my life is full of misunderstandings. It doesn't matter because I am here to learn.
      Written by me with my cousin
    11. Danimal
      Everyone here has at least one or two other members who pick on them needlessly. :(

      I'd give sympathy hugs but then a line would start to form.
    12. Danimal

      I hadn't really noticed you around the forums 'till Disco popped up. I take it you just mostly lurk?
    13. Danimal
      I used to have the name pronounced "Dee-Animal" by my old World of Warcraft raid leader.

      He had problems pronouncing everyone's name.
    14. Danimal
      Hey dude, thanks for the add.
    15. DiscoBiscuit
      yeah, it's the best revenge.
    16. DiscoBiscuit
      yeah, i just hate people who steroetype...and i really don't see anything wrong with furries.
      im mainly just into looking at cartoon animals, mainly wolves, foxes and the like. i don't really know about people dressed up as animals but that could be pretty cool i guess. thanks for the support though. i guess they're just bored.
    17. DiscoBiscuit
      Hey, i can't believe how much negative feedback about being a furry i get, i mean i don't "parade" it around, but that's who i am and what i like, so...

      but anyway, thanks for the message, bro...

      and being a furry isn't the most important thing about me, but i guess some people can't look past that.
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    Though it seems my life is full of misunderstandings, it doesn't matter because I am here to learn.
    Written by me with my cousin


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    Material Defender

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