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Sep 6, 2014
Nov 11, 2007
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Tank, Male, from California

Times past. Sep 6, 2014

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Sep 6, 2014
    1. sixteenth
      Yes. I'm awesome like that.
    2. the cow says moo
      the cow says moo
      Oh, bark, of course, how could I have forgotten. Silly me, I feel so embarrassed:o.
    3. mechanicallizard
      happy one year and one day then!
      also: i too like lizards.
    4. Lizardizzle
      HEY!!! I just realized that I've been here for a year now! time to celebrate my being one years of age!


      okay, now that that's over, I have something to say. I really like it here. The other people on this forum arn't jerks, the Senior members act just like any other member, so everyone is equal, it's just a good site. And I hope to be here for many more years.

      that is all.
    5. Lizardizzle
      yo. It's been a couple months. and it SUCKS. But at least w/out the computer i can focus on school.

    6. freakyflor
    7. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Where are ya from?
    8. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Ay mate where you based?

    9. Lizardizzle
      well, I'm at my home, telling you guys, as my parents are away, that i've been grounded away from the computer untill christmas. Yeah. It sucks, and I'm not going to explain it. I'll show up here and there when they arn't here, but i'm sad because I'm gonna miss most of the news for the next few months. cya.

    10. Saturos
      Yeah, the incompetent fools. We're experiencing backlash from hurricane Fay. I wish they'd they would quit being cheap bastards and just run those lines underground. BTW, my mum's a Steve Irwin fan too. :>
    11. Darkedge34
      You dare view my profile?
    12. MorganFreeman911
      Hey **** you asshole. I was the first Gordon Freeman.
    13. CyberPitz
      Heh, yeah, a little rough. On these types of pictures *Like mine* it is so hard to get it just right.
    14. CyberPitz
    15. CyberPitz
      just save the picture to your hdd...a couple of clicks is all that takes.
    16. CyberPitz
      That's like the easiest thing evar! You edit your profile and there is a field there for "Background image" for each section of your profile. Select the picture you want uploaded and there you go.
    17. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      I know I did! I'm getting to it!
    18. Druckles
      I was a logo for a pseudo graphics company I created when working for a printing business part time.
    19. Druckles
      No-one seemed to care for it. They didn't know what it was, and or thought it stunk.

      So "aha!" to you.
    20. Loke
      And you are?
    21. Iron Kat
      Iron Kat
      The REAL question is: how did you end up on MY profile??!!! :cheese:
    22. Raziaar
      That's because I AM!
    23. sinkoman
      No, my name has absolutely NOTHING to do with Stinkoman.

      Hell, I created my AIM account (first thing I made with sinkoman) way before that stupid ****ing cartoon saw the light of day.
    24. Lizardizzle
      btw, im priming my profile to have a cool background, maybe a desert landscape or a picture of a lizard.... but.... I don't know how! :(, so im asking for the help of the eight or so people who may check this place every day :)
    25. Druckles
      Why hallo, thar, yellow coloured, lizardy profile!
    26. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      I'll feed him to your crocs :D
    27. CyberPitz
    28. Farrowlesparrow
      Your mind is being fornicated with by the visage of our great, absent overlord.

      I echo the sentiments of Crushy 500
      I have no idea who you are. Take a seat and I'll fetch you a cup of tea so that we may chat and get to know one another.
    29. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      I is fix soon.
    30. Lizardizzle
      i posted in my own profile....

      and this font is yellow

    31. Sheepo
      There is nothing cute about it. It is simply a testament of how you are sick and empty person who treats friendship like a day spent fishing.

    32. Crushenator 500
      Crushenator 500
      Onoes!1 Where do I live plz?

      Also; What made you end up on my uninteresting profile, have we spoken before and I've fergotten or something? :cheese:
    33. Crushenator 500
      Crushenator 500
      Hello! You posted on my profile but I don't know who you are :imu:

      Profile stalker!!!! :rolling:
    34. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      Is spirit of banana.
    35. DigiQ8
    36. Sheepo
      Congratulations. You have viewed my profile. Standard viewing protocol requires I befriend you. Optional befriending protocol allows me to present you with an amusing song.

      To me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.
      End is the only part of the word
      That I heard.
      Call me morbid or absurd.
      But to me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.

      To me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.
      End is the only part of the word
      That I heard.
      Call me morbid or absurd.
      But to me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.

      When I go fishing for the words
      I am wishing you would say to me,
      Im really only praying
      That the words youll soon be saying
      Might betray the way you feel about me.

      But to me, coming from you,
      Friend is a four letter word.
    37. taviow
      I have yet to see it, but it looks like it's fun.
    38. Gazork0
      I wasn't even trying - thanks.
    39. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      I'll show YOU yellow! >: D
    40. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      Jesus Christ IT'S EATING ME! Wait it can't eat me because I am IRON MAN!
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