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May 1, 2013
Apr 17, 2004
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May 22
South Australia

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Tank, from South Australia

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May 1, 2013
    1. Kyorisu
      Cheers guys.
    2. kineaesth
      Happy birthday!
    3. JUL3
      Happy birthday dude.
    4. Kyorisu
      I'm unsure if a move from 4 to 8gb would be beneficial. I'm still running with 2GB (and it's fairly bad in some circumstances but my raid helps if paging occurs). Oblivion and the like certainly are resource whores especially when you add in extra content.

      Someone in my house wants to move from 4GB to 8GB right now but I've advised against it because well;

      1. He's a moron.
      2. He doesn't run anything close to modern. Likes his oldschool games.

      Ram is cheap if you can afford it I say go for it. I'd myself go up to 4GB right now but really I couldn't be arsed until I find some more specific sticks of the Corsair I run. I like my tight timings (DDR2).
    5. VirusType2
      Hey Kyorisu. I installed Oblivion recently on Windows 7 64-Bit with 4GB of RAM, and noticed that it uses all of it. I was wondering if you had any idea if it would use more RAM, like 8GB.

      Probably wondering why I'm asking you - well, I know you have Oblivion and ran some mods on it, and I know you tend to have the latest OS and computer.

      Let me know if you have any clue. It's easy to assume it will use more than 4GB, if it used every single MB I had available, but what I'm really trying to find out is if it will significantly increase performance. If so, then it probably stands that games like FO3 and other newer games would definitely benefit from more RAM.

    6. Kyorisu
      It's okay I took some pills for that and I'm all better.
    7. Gargantou
      Help me sicken less!
    8. Kyorisu
      Bloody RakuraiTenjin spamming me. I've blocked non contacts from posting here for now.
    9. mechanicallizard
      woah man - yor background is like soooo far out dude!! (sigh) i wish i was a surfer dude- life wuld be easier
    10. Kyorisu
      Yakitate Japan!
    11. Vegeta897
      Source on your avatar?
    12. Tagaziel
      We may disagree, but you're awesome.

      Cheers 'n' buttsex

    13. Lizardizzle
      th background is calling my mom bad things.... ;(

      yah, well, 100101011101001011100101010111000010101010100011101000010001010101010000011111111110000010101001000101110001011010010010110110100100101010011111001001101100101101101010100001110101000101001010101011110010111100011110000111111100010010000111010010101010100101010110101101010101001 to you too! jerk...
    14. Gargantou
      The Gun Is Good!
    15. VirusType2
      Sweeet. I love the background.
    16. Raziaar
      Haha, man I had to look close to see that the background was actually binary.

      I think I need to wash my glasses and wake up a little bit. rofl.
    17. Kyorisu
      Yeah I realise it doesn't tile to well. Deal with it.
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    Ash: Where's Pikachu?!?!
    Charmander: I don't know. He took his sluts and ran off. Computer, locate Captain Pikachu.
    Computer: Captain Pikachu is in Ten-Forward, behind the bar, drinking the scotch.
    Mewtwo: I see we got the computer upgraded.


    May 22
    South Australia
    I kill for zenny.

    Gaming,Mapping,Coding etc


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