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Feb 18, 2012
Dec 17, 2006
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Jan 4, 1986 (Age: 33)
Shift Manager, Toll Holdings (Transportation + Per

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Kula Meenur

Newbie, 33, from Aughst-ray-lee-yar

Kula Meenur was last seen:
Feb 18, 2012
    1. Cavalry
      Yep, the missus ran to the store the other morning just to grab a copy.
      You were right, its absolutely gorgeous, especially the song Unforgivable.
      Did you grab In Search of Sunrise 7 yet?
    2. banana_f
      Thanks man...
    3. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      many thnx for the pic
    4. kineaesth
      Maybe you should have thought of that earlier.
    5. kineaesth
      The first one was commenting that this profile reminds me of a mac. The second one was to see if you wanted to play a game. The game where you post the same thing. A lot.
    6. kineaesth
    7. kineaesth
    8. Cavalry
      I hope I have it all nutted out, but like always, something will go wrong.
      You don't want to go to Florida unless you know of a few spots, otherwise your stuck with the elderly for your whole trip :/

      Any sponsorships for your bike racing?
    9. Cavalry
      Nope, we're leaving on July 5th (Its still June here in Americaland).

      I haven't decided between albums, but I'm kinda thinking of holding off until some new Above and Beyond album comes out.

      Ever race in any major tournaments?
    10. Adrik_Senturu
    11. Cavalry
      fangin it?
      I've no clue what you mean by that. Your missus sounds like a mean lady if shes going around knocking you down. Any serious injuries from that, or just a scrape and bruise?

      Don't laugh at my acronyms! :( I love the In Search Of Sunrise albums, but having the choice between Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren is a pretty tough choice.
    12. Cavalry
      You go bike racing? Thats some scary shit man, ever fall off?

      Also, I now hate you as I cannot decide between Imagine and In Search Of Sunrise 7, have you heard ISOS7 yet?
    13. taviow
      Thank you! :D

      *much more than an earthquake* D:
    14. Que-Ever
      argh, I know you're not going to bed, because if my math is correct, it's like seven in the morning there. But yeah, you take care.
    15. Que-Ever
      I drew her a picture, it's in her profile.
    16. Que-Ever
      well, honestly, me and her have had this pseudo S&M relationship going on over the internet, just jokes back and forth, but I do like her, she's really fun. But nothing serious.
    17. Que-Ever
      California's cool. Well, San Francisco bay area is cool. The rest is stupid.

      and yeah, skaadi lives over there.
    18. Que-Ever
      No. I wish. But we are separated by continents and seas. She's actually on your landmass, while I am stuck in one California.
    19. Que-Ever
      Aw, you're cool too. I should come down there some time, I'll pick up skaadi and you bring your lady and we could go on a double date.
    20. Que-Ever
      how did we become such friends so quickly? It boogles the mind.
    21. Que-Ever
      these are not the droids you're looking for *drool*
    22. Cpt Tenacious
    23. Cpt Tenacious
    24. Cavalry
      Another Ducati fan? HIGH FREAKIN FIVE! love the Multistrada 1100 S, and the 1098 has to be one of the slickest bikes I've ever seen. Do you want just the 1098 or the R or S model?

      Btw, Do you know of any romantic, non-alcoholic drinks?
    25. Cavalry
      My dream cars aren't typical, a Scion tC and the Volkswagon Golf MK.2
      You gots a dream car?
    26. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
    27. Cavalry
      We kicked it off two Fridays ago when I asked her for her number. Been together for 1 1/2 weeks, and were pretty much really into each other.

      aaaaawwwwhhhh Koola, how long have you two been together?
    28. Cavalry
      I had a crush on her from the first time I saw, but never knew how to talk to her without things being awkward, until we were playing football and she nailed my area with the ball. She kept asking me if I was alright and kinda stayed around after word. First time I knew we were meant to be together was when she put her hand in mine when I was walking her home. Next day we were sitting on some bleachers and she put her head on my shoulder, I couldn't go on through the summer without making her mine so I did. She's pretty much the most adorable girl I've ever met.

      Whats Chelsea like? and why is Viv not a good person, she looks like a sweet girl?
    29. Cavalry
      Glad to have left because if I hadn't, I never would've met my girl :D She's a bit more then "in the works" now.

      The concert sounds so ****ing amazing, I'll check his tour spots in a few. Congrats on the new lady friend!

      Koola's missus, if you read this, he's gotten a new lady friend, better watch out!
      From those pics you posted in the A Photo A Day thread, its pretty obvious that Australia is a gorgeous place, but who were those two ladies in the first one?
      One of them was your missus?
    30. Cavalry
      'tis ok mate.
      Not really having withdrawal issues, kinda glad to have left.
      Did you enjoy your AvB concert?
    31. VirusType2
      oh it's cool man. I was actually joking the whole time about bootlegging it. I'm just going to download it in HQ. I wonder if someone is putting it up now
    32. highlander
      I like you aswell Koola Mena :)
    33. Cavalry
      I left Finland about 2 months ago.
      Why'd you leave Amsterdam and the Ukraine?
    34. Cavalry
      I wanted to make more updated models of weapons that were great, but just became out dated, then quicky lost interest.

      What was living in Amsterdam like?
      And I know, Europe IS the greatest continent ever! so homesickness is always around when you leave such a place.
    35. Cavalry
      Always enjoyed watching my father and brother build cars from pos bodies, My brothers first was a 98 Civic Ex that was missing the fan, and had a donut on the front left wheel, but ended up with a 100% JDM makeover, ran a 8.76 quarter mile @ 187 MPH, and I had dreamed of doing such things since. Though, for a short year, I went into automotive design since a design job has much higher pay. But the call of a 4-Cylinder VVT-i or V-Tec engine was begging to be worked on and I dropped the design. My parents aren't entirely happy that I'm not going to college and will probably not stay in the country, but are glad that I'm not entirely serious about pursuing a career in ballistics.
      I added you to Steam, so look out for Cav.
      What are you doing now? Why not be a lawyer in Australia?
    36. Sulkdodds
      I like Bill Bailley, but I never heard him make that joke. I just know my literature!
    37. Cavalry
      I'm beginning to believe Australia is a perfect country :D Definitely want to at least visit the country.
      Btw, do you have Xbox Live or Steam?
      and why do you want to work at a law firm?
    38. Azner
      Different as in? I believe you get what you would get in retail. I haven't compared it to retail versions and have a crappy directx8 Radeon X300 card :|
      And Malaysia was fun :)
    39. Azner
      Jaja, bought it through steam, got it overnight.
      Sorry for the late reply, was like in chargin malaysia lulz
    40. MJ12
      Thanks, indeed she is! :)
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