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Feb 18, 2012
Dec 17, 2006
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Jan 4, 1986 (Age: 33)
Shift Manager, Toll Holdings (Transportation + Per

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Kula Meenur

Newbie, 33, from Aughst-ray-lee-yar

Kula Meenur was last seen:
Feb 18, 2012
    1. Cavalry
      Oh its going to be everywhere, if you look, I already threw down a bit in the music thread. More to come in Misc and randomized bashing of Valve and TF2
    2. Cavalry
      I plan on being banned by days end lol
    3. Cavalry
      Not quite, just here to bash a few people and say what needs to be said. I'll be gone in a few hours.
    4. Vegeta897
      I hope so...
    5. kineaesth
      How is my profile epilepsy :S
    6. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISS that sucks. Holy shit.
    7. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      What part you at?
    8. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      Not yet. I played about 17 hours of 2.1 and explored aimlessly after it crashed when I tried to complete the first mission, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it with 2.2 and had smooth sailing ever since. I'm up to X16 now.
    9. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      *runs away*

    10. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      THANK YOU! *salutes*

    11. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      Wait what. METAL SLUG.
    12. Saturos
      When's the last time you played Metal Slug? You know, if you ever change that POW avatar, I'll be so pissed at you! :> You just wouldn't be the same with any other fs.
    13. Mellish
      I went on holiday for about five weeks in Greece when I was 8 and there was a nearby bar my family always went to (child friendly). There was a Metal Slug arcade machine I always used to play. I never got past the second level.
    14. Mellish
      Loving the avatar. Brings back memory's. :)
    15. Acepilotf14
      Never played modern. The game I'm in now is my first real 'campaign'. Pretty cool, we're still using the 3.5 rules with the pathfinder mods.
    16. Acepilotf14
      I cast magic missile!
      At what?
      ...at the darkness!

      this is an lol joke in my dnd group as well.
      Great video.
    17. Tagaziel
      Why thank you dear sir. Tea?
    18. soulslicer
      /breathes a sigh of relief

      and I thought you did over 100 at one go..well 75-80 is still close though. I've been hitting the gym recently and I'm trying to get some advice from some people, again. I'm 59 kg right now (yes, don't laugh) and I've been trying to gain mass without going for any special drinks or powders..

      You're right though, I'm not a big trance fan, but most of the 100 or so trance songs I have are mostly late 90's stuff...
    19. Druckles
      I dunno, it just went well with the whole Timon look I have going. He says something along those lines, anyway.
    20. soulslicer
      I'm now in love with this song..

      You'd probably have heard of it though.

      Really love trance songs that sound like this, and I thought I'd just share..

      on the side note, are you a gym nut or something? How the **** is 100 push ups at one go possible!!?? I feel real weak now.. :(
    21. Cavalry
      Rennovating my room with the missus (this guy Sami Hayek has his own line that I love down at a department store, we be going shopping tonight :) ) Should take a week or so, but it'll be awesome funs
      /feminine side

      How many years are you in for?
      Going for a Ph.D in law?

      I see the headlines now: "Officer Dr. Mena brings bank robbers to justice!"
    22. Druckles
      Hey! I've an idea...!
    23. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      lol i posted in my own profile
    24. Cavalry
      oi, Gregs not a bald (http://ru.youtube.com/watch?v=2nkm7e41ux0&feature=related when your download cap lowers)

      sucks to here about your hols being over :(
      I still got another month :|

      So sigging that quote there for truth, thanks!

      Have fun at Uni! (I guess, if you have fun there?)

      What do you do at uni?
    25. Cavalry
    27. Cavalry
      Holy crap, I forgot to pause my WMP sidebar gadget, so when I clicked your link and turned on my speaker I heard the song Izo Vsey Sily. Started tripping for a moment before I realized what happened. This song I must say, is beautiful though.

      Just went on a search for that O'Callaghan song, found it as well as a remix of Filo & Peri's Anthem, both are pretty gorgeous tracks. If you've not heard the Anthem remix, I'd say check it out.

      Grats on another successful anni, heres to many more :cheers:

      Adam or Greg ever roll through Aussie-land?

      Also, question, why is hardstyle looked down upon? The missus has got me listening to some, and its not that bad
      Like this, Hardstlye Bass by DJ Inphinity http://ru.youtube.com/watch?v=UdMRVxUqZUE
      Shares some qualities with Trance, just feels more fast paced, so why is it like prissy, bitch girl music. (heard it called that somewhere)
    28. Cavalry
      Happy 4th year mate! Congrats!
    29. Cavalry
      Cass eh, tbh, Karen Overton has rocked every song shes been in, and well, lets be honest, I'd like to get behind her in many ways. You know? :naughty:

      You sound a bit more excited for this opera then what may happen afterword you little schoolgirl from Japan.:P

      Never noticed many major comedy shows in Finland, but right now I live 1/2 hour away from a little club called the Stress Factory, we get some fairly big names (Rich Vos, Adam Ferrara, Greg Giraldo). Any big names come threw your coms?

      The anni was a bit odd, I had a mate down there (knew him threw a car club) who was very willing to help out, so I took the missus out, went for a walk on the beach while he prepared dinner. I went with this Mojito Mocktail, as it did not need a blender, but was harder then just combining to drinks.
    30. Cavalry
    31. Cavalry
    32. Cavalry
      Holy crap that songs freakin beautiful.
      Florida is pretty awesome, though it can "change" a person.
      Got any big plans for your anni?
    33. Druckles
      Thanks, yours isn't so bad yourself ;)

      It's certainly very stylish.
    34. Mesz
      Sort of used to be a perth man. Went there for about 6 months to see if I could live there, but came back to UK. Also, sorry for extremely late reply.
    35. Lizardizzle
      ha! little runner man has been captured!! MAUAAHHAHA
    36. Cavalry
      Thanks man!
      Shes absolutely incredible, got me the A State Of Trance 2007 Cd for our anni, which is a ****ing amazing album. Thanks for all your help too, my plan for our anni was perfect, made her shed a tear. Are you on Holiday?
    37. Raziaar
      Thanks Koola.
    38. Tollbooth Willie
    39. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      Been at my dad's niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    40. Tollbooth Willie
      Tollbooth Willie
      No you good man.
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