Kula Meenur
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Feb 18, 2012
Dec 17, 2006
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Jan 4, 1986 (Age: 28)
Shift Manager, Toll Holdings (Transportation + Per

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Kula Meenur

Newbie, 28, from Aughst-ray-lee-yar

Kula Meenur was last seen:
Feb 18, 2012
    1. lefty
      he did D:

      now how am I going to get my toaster fix.
    2. lefty
      I saw he came back or had been unbanned or whatever and I thought it'd be a larff.
    3. Cormeh
      My old avatar was a snippet of Altair, from the underground terrorist movement known as "Zero Punctuation" which was discussing the video game Assassins Creed, by using highly suggestive religious comparisons in order to wash the minds of the naive peoples who would hear their seldom broadcast....

      Holy ****, where am I?
    4. Azner
      You shaved your beard and got into a machine?
      I want a Metal Slug avatar!
    5. Rizzo
      Well bugger me, thanks for the avatar anyways :P
    6. Rizzo
      My kindness pales in comparison to your saint like existence on these forums. Your mother ****ing theresa and im like Oprah,a total duche.

      /rams head in floorboards
    7. Rizzo
      You are to kind, which only makes you all the more suitable for the nomination.

      /Bows deeper.
    8. Rizzo
      Or should be... ?
      What ever.
    9. Rizzo
      Your the ****ing king of halflife2.net.

      Whatever that means to you. But you are.
    10. Rizzo
      Im gonna snake one of your metal slug avatars man... They are ****ing awesome!
    11. SpotEnemyBoats
      Sure, haven't been on halflife2.nets in a few days. :p
    12. The_E
      haha you like change your avatar every 5 mins :P
    13. Rizzo
      Thanks man.
    14. Rizzo
      Ey man, you know how to make those clicky links into words, like for say

      OH SHIT CLICK >THIS< and when you do its a link?
    15. Nomad
      Nonono, cool-"a".
    16. soulslicer
    17. Gemma
      Im just special
    18. Lucid
      It's the dawn of a new era. :O
    19. toaster-chan
      Some people have like 2000 though.
    20. Vegeta897
      Well that's nice of you :D

      I think you're funny too, as well as being a cool person!
    21. Sheepo
      That's just how I roll
    22. Rizzo
      I am your mate, mate ;)
    23. Sheepo
      I could pretend like I have some idea what you're talking about, but no, I do not
    24. Vegeta897
      Thank you so much :D
    25. kineaesth
      /pats back.

      It's alright.
    26. CyberPitz
      I love you, too.
    27. Saturos
      BTW, when I saw that I had an unread message, (your profile message to me) I though it was an infraction. I was about to come unglued fs.
    28. Saturos
      Don't mention it. I always look out after my internet pals. ;)
    29. Raziaar
      Here's hoping it will! Misc was one place that I always made sure I visited frequently to see what's going on in other peoples lives. THAT WAY I CAN LAUGH AT THEM!
    30. soulslicer
      hey, thought I'd share another music group. You like Simply Red right, well look no further that Naturally 7, who mix the elements of funk, rap, rnb, soul, hip hop, dj, guitar solo's to make incredible songs.

      I seem to sound like a advertiser. Anyway, here's a song..


      enjoy.. :)

      (you know, I've been going to people's profiles, and posting bands that they might like (yes, I've analyzed alot of people's tastes) but you're the only guy that has..replied. But o well, :thumbs: )
    31. soulslicer
      sorry I couldn't reply..(I have limited time on my com, A Levels coming up and all. My last year of school..)

      Faithless. Well, you can youtube em and check out some of their singles. Songs like Woozy and stuff..
    32. Sheepo
      You have to pay for those...
    33. soulslicer
      dam, 1.50 onwards. Awesome!

      I'll definitely be checking this one out.

      I wonder, do you listen to stuff like Faithless, okay it isn't trance, but yeah, it's pretty cool.
    34. soulslicer
      hmmmm...it's actually not too bad, but not great either, but I really digged the vocals, and the part after 4.00, really love that. I don't know, in trance I generally like subtleness, epicness and how "cosmic" or spacey sounding it is, which is why I like ATB, The Thrillseekers, PVD, Cosmicman and a few more artists.

      Like this song for example. Epic, spacey, and the last part of the song makes me explode. :p I love it.

      Okay, it's either this
      can't remember the track sorry.

      Sundawner is awesome. Old school trance is just awesome.

      Good to see you listen to Simply Red, I love'em too.
    35. Cavalry
      I know, and I am sorry Koola. Just got tired of taking a lot of this " OH LOL CONSOLES ARE FOR NEWBS ROFL" and "YES LISTEN TO RAP YOUR GAY ROFL COPTER THERES ONLY ROCK BUT YOU SUCK LOL" that occured here every single god damn day. I am sorry Koola, and now, I leave this forum. I shall email you shortly.
    36. Cavalry
      Koola, nothing was aimed at anyone, just general saying. I am sorry you took it personally, I never meant for you too. Your one of the few good folks on this forum, and I am sorry for offending you.
    37. Cavalry
      Well Koola, I am gone again. And for good. Best of luck to you, Stay in touch?
    38. Lucid
      You're gorram right Firefly much.
    39. Cavalry
      When I joined that other forum, not a soul said against who I was. Everyone there was pretty helpful.
      I took a look back at my posts and the replies I got to them here and realized how much bullshit I took. I shouldn't have, and now, its time for it to end.
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    Jan 4, 1986 (Age: 28)
    Shift Manager, Toll Holdings (Transportation + Per


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