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Dec 6, 1989 (Age: 24)

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Jan 7, 2014
    1. mechanicallizard
      Yeah I knew that haha. And Im just posting here so I dont turn the thread into spam :V
    2. Vegeta897
      I think my post in that thread sums up Stern's reasons for making a thread like that.
    3. Vegeta897
      Happy birthday yesterday.

      Holy crap I made this exact same late comment 2 years ago.
    4. ZT
      Huh, weird. I've always found them to be a very talented group.
      You should try to give their new album a listen, it's different than most of their stuff.
    5. ZT
      you don't like Arcade Fire? That's a bit surprising.
    6. ZT
      Did you see that video where Terry Gilliam is touring/working with Arcade Fire?
    7. ZT
      Is there a Sage Album you would recommend?
    8. Gargantou
      I knew an Uncle named Knut once, no foolin'.

      Anyway, cool.
    9. Gargantou
      Are you scandinavian? I just had to ask because of your name.
    10. ZT
      I cannot find over half of them :(
    11. ZT
    12. JUL3
    13. Raziaar
      New decade!
    14. Raziaar
      Aggghhh, your name!
    15. ZT
      Nice! They were my first concert, it's been.... 5 years already.
    16. Rossjg
      Antipop is one of my favourite users.
    17. ZT
      Yes, and it's all because of you!
    18. ZT
      Is it just me or is Doom overrated? Some of his stuff is decent, but I don't see why he is so praised.
    19. ZT
      Hey, is Anticon a record label or a group itself?
    20. ZT
      Yeah I agree, I like them both, but Why is more unique.
    21. ZT
      Have you heard of Well Water Black by Alias and Why?
    22. ZT
    23. ZT
      Yep! Didn't I tell you?

      I've got it all, I am enjoying them muchly right now. Themselves remind me a little of a more hip hop version of TV on the Radio. Why? also reminds me a bit of The Faint.

      Thanks again :)
    24. ZT
      Sweet, thanks very much!

      Take your time, understand you are busy.
    25. ZT
      The only downside is that these groups are hard to find, like I can listen to them on myspace, but hardly any site has their albums.
    26. ZT
      Ah no worries, I actually started listening to your list first because I already trust your music taste more than others.

      So far I am liking them a lot as well. Cheers.
    27. ZT
      So far I am really enjoying the suggestions you've given me.
    28. Emporius
      You wouldn't happen to still have those bear drawings would you?
    29. Vegeta897
      I'm two tracks into Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents and I'm already in love, this is ****ing awesome.
    30. Vegeta897
      Happy birthday yesterday.

      Whaaaat is your avatar?
    31. mchammer75040
      btw this project reality mod looks pretty killer. dl steam you bastard, so we can chat it up with the one they call the turtle
    32. mchammer75040
      True, true. I wish I had it :\ Im also a penniless student, but from what Ive heard most people are already getting tired of l4d so I might just wait til some updates are released and/or the price goes down alittle.
    33. mchammer75040
      Oh wow already tired of GOW2?
    34. knut

      It basically turns a bad game very good, but it's incredibly realistic so it has quite the learning curve. Awesome game though.

      I own about 5, and only even do I own 5 or 6 as I trade in games a lot when I finish them. I keep multiplayer games, but single player games I keep for about a week then get the next single player game on the market. Around Christmas time I stock up on the games I enjoyed when they get cheaper. I just this week traded in GOW2 for Left 4 Dead, which I'll keep for ages methinks, and I'll re-buy GOW2 in Jan or so.
    35. mchammer75040
      project reality? linky? Battlefield always had great potential but it never hit it off with me, but then again I never played 2 so maybe Im wrong. Yes true the 360 is cheaper, but how many games do you own for it? The games are 60 bucks a pop, are you kidding me?? Btw is it backwards compatiable?
    36. mchammer75040
      MAC??? nnooooooo. Traitor. anyways, 360 is way too much for me bra' I never buy new systems til they are a few years into their cycle. So i can get all the great games for cheap as hell! I found that all the ps2 splinter cell games at my local gamestop are like 5 bucks a piece.

    37. mchammer75040
      Sir why would you wanna play a fps with anything but keyboard/mouse.
    38. mchammer75040
      What? what are you gay or something? how in the hell can you be a valve fan and not have steam??? :arms:
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    Dec 6, 1989 (Age: 24)