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May 1, 2010
Aug 6, 2004
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May 1, 2010
    1. Danimal
      jverne man, what have you got against Allah?
    2. jverne
      The Game you say...i believe i heard this name before. I'm kinda weary of books like this because a lot of them offer false promises. But i just might give it a look.
    3. Dodo
      Dude, read a book called "The Game" written by Neil Strauss.
      Im sure you can get it at your local bookstore or order it.
      ISBN number of the book is: 9781847672377
      You'll thank me later once you're covered in pussy...
    4. Vegeta897
      I'm sorry what?
    5. Solaris
      This is the quietiest wall I've ever seen.
    6. Rizzo
      TOPS Knives. Will see if I take it. My dad has it now, we both collect and he seems fond of it.
    7. Rizzo
      Yeah I guess. I had a hard time finding one around here. I'll keep looking, if I find one I can just cancel. I have untill Friday. Got this one though, Havent used it or anything, but I still like it.
    8. Rizzo
      Hey man, meant to ask you, did you ever get that Bushman? If so did you like it? I just orderd one myself. Got it for $50. Including shipping.
    9. unozero
      nvm....you aint worth it.

      good day.
    10. jverne
      nice to meet you too. :)
      one friendly advice...stay out of "The Lounge"...it's a dangerous place, there's some seriously messed up things going on in there :P

      but otherwise enjoy the stay
    11. selizabeth
      haha hi! my name is stephanie... joined here because my boyfriend was showing me some thread and I wanted to comment on it. nice to meet you :)
    12. jverne
      me? i come from another plane of existence...why is that important?

      slovenia :)
    13. Reflex
      where do you live?
    14. Azner

      americans who call themselves christian but act otherwise are hmmm.
    15. jverne
      emm...this is new to me. i never bother checking my user CP. raziaar, since when does your cow booty dance? :)
    16. Raziaar
      WTF. Why hasnt anybody else posted here yet? ;(
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