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Nov 25, 2016
Aug 8, 2004
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Hectic Glenn

Site Director, Male, from London, UK

Staff Member

Please contact Steam support to report the individual you traded with by locating their correct Steam profile. Feb 13, 2016

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Nov 25, 2016
    1. Mellish
      When I went to Oxford (my uncle lives there) I went to this restaurant with him. I think it was Italian but the waiter said exactly this "Our special today is the chickens and the mushrooms" in exactly the internet service providings guy's voice. I was laughing hysterically for five mins. My uncle thought I was mad.
    2. Fiberawptic
      Hey np man, i notice that sometimes you guys have main articles on L4D and sometimes not. I wasn't sure whether you would do one on the ads so i went ahead. I was wondering though if i could create a L4D thread asking people to post the L4D ads they see???
    3. Mellish
      Perhaps you would like a meeting of the mind and the soul...

    4. Mellish
      Would you like to change your internet service providings?

    5. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      Wow is it true he was trying to steal steam accounts, or that his account was hijacked?
    6. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      That is not true, Mocho never hurt anyone.

    7. Mellish
      Downloaded the new Ricky Gervais podcat I presume. XD I'm gonna download it tonight.
    8. Ennui
      Dearest Glenn, the time of our ascendancy is nigh. Meet me before the statue of Silent Sam tonight at the start of the witching hour, and we will overthrow Tyrant Munro and rejoice in the freedom of revolution. Do not fail me, brother.
    9. taviow
      Thank you for teaching me how to use the force, oh Jedi Master Glenn.
    10. Fiberawptic
      hey man, wasn't trying to sound like an ass on the arena thread. maybe i was too objective, i just hadn't heard that news from an actual source before and thought by saying it might have been a rumor, would have sparked a comment giving me the source. Wasn't trying to say 'facts' though, because i wasn't sure. Are you the head admininstrator of this site? Its an excellent forum, wayyy better than planethalflife...
    11. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      Wait did they get banned because they spammed or because they posted images that could trigger
      epileptic seizures? The former makes you a vagina the latter a decent mod, albeit a severe warning could
      have sufficed.
    12. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      God, first I thought Samon had banned him, cause he is samon you know, then he said Evo banned him, so I was pissed at him, but evo said you banned solaris, and you play PES so I was extra mad, and now you say Solaris banned himself, and he reads Christopher Hitchens so I'm really pissed at him.
    13. Gray Fox
      Gray Fox
      Why the **** did you ban Solaris fatty? I'm telling Sulkdildadoldio or something like that. Although he is probably gonna be nice to you anyway.

      Unban him you ass.
    14. mocho loco
      mocho loco
      is that ur pic on ur profile?
    15. alyxvance
      how the hell do u know my name?
    16. Acepilotf14
    17. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Heya Glenn, what's with the new 1200 sig letter limit? Did that come with the upgrade from vBulletin? Or just a change in allowances you blokes made?
    18. Combine_Advisor
      If thats you,you look very much like harry potter (no offense) xD
    19. Darkedge34
      Why are you "hectic"?
    20. Azner
      How come HL2.net Staff get big Avatars ):
    21. Kula Meenur
      Kula Meenur
      Wow, i always thought you looked like the bloke in your avatar.

    22. k3ithrm
    23. Stigmata
      Oh, good call. :D
    24. taviow
      Those are your friends.
    25. Stigmata
      What's with the pluses in front of some people's names in the user list? I've not been able to figure out what they represent. These are the last ten people to visit my profile.

      1. django+
      2. Hectic Glenn+
      3. Naudian+
      4. Pax+
      5. Raziaar+
      6. Samon+
      7. Shamrock+
      8. taviow+
      9. Trevelyan+
      10. Warbie

    26. Hazar
      my new page is much better glenn, you should check it out.
    27. taviow
      Liked the colours.
      I never imagined you looked like that too.
    28. Stigmata
    29. Stigmata
      I like these colours. Good work :thumbs:
    30. Hectic Glenn
      Hectic Glenn
      Sounds very nice Stern, post me some of that goodness...never seen it here. Also, Dillon, where is your ALL BLACK page gone...quitter.
    31. CptStern
      reminds me of my fave icecream at the cottage: lime + orange sherbert yummy
    32. Hazar
      you're trying to be popular, that's what
    33. Hectic Glenn
      Hectic Glenn
      What are you doing here!?
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    London, UK
    I do not trade CS:GO items, if someone adds you impersonating me linking to this forum account profile - it is not me but someone scamming you.

    Please report their profile to Steam.
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