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Mar 7, 2011
May 2, 2007
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Jun 12, 1987 (Age: 26)
Denton, TX
Masters student

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Newbie, 26, from Denton, TX

gFrohman was last seen:
Mar 7, 2011
    1. PorkPi
      Ah, bummer. Yeah, they're great. They played at a jazz festival that my high school went to. I was blown away.
    2. PorkPi
      You're in UNT's one o'clock lab band? That's awesome, I love you guys!
    3. jet_porkins
      How'd it go?
    4. jet_porkins
    5. jet_porkins
      mocho loco said it. That is one exciting cat.
    6. mocho loco
      I greatly enjoy looking at your avatar. :3
    7. jet_porkins
      Hey, thanks a lot. I'll definitely check these out.
    8. Lester
      Her Icelandic name is Tófa and that would translate to Vixen
    9. Lester
      Thank you :D
      And its a she
    10. Lester
      So true
      i will try to post pics of my awesome cat :O
      Cats FTW
    11. MorganFreeman911
      I'm not that bummed, however it would be nice.
      You got facebook?
    12. MorganFreeman911
      Thanks mate! I didn't get in to the orchestra. Better luck next year, eh?
    13. SimpleAssassin
      is the most insane shit i have ever seen, making it awesome
    14. jet_porkins
      Are you still playing there? Where are you for grad school?
    15. jet_porkins
      Wow, nice one on Sugar! I was diggin it a lot.
    16. barbarbarbarbar
      It's a flute :)
    17. Yorick
      Thanks :)
    18. jet_porkins
      Evidently hotmail can't upload more than 10 megs.

      A fortunate coincidence is that myspace just increased the number of songs an artist can upload. I have uploaded "Rotten Kid" and "Reunion at Newport" to my myspace page.
    19. jet_porkins
      They're in iTunes format, so I hope you have it.

      I'll send emails.
    20. jet_porkins
      By the way I just got more recordings of my jazz band's Spring concert if you're interested.
    21. jet_porkins
      Listening to "God Bless the Child" right now. Sounding really good. Always love a balanced-sounding band. I don't think there is enough of you volume-wise, to no fault of your own.

      You have a very cool, clear tone. I enjoy it a lot.

      "Sugar" didn't attach correctly.
    22. SimpleAssassin
      Yeah i have a ton of ideas, but have not had chance to write them yet.
    23. FrostedxB
      I haven't heard of it, though I am searching for it now! Like I said, I've not been a poets fan for too long, maybe a few weeks. Always looking for their stuffs though!
    24. FrostedxB
      Carnival of Rust is both an amazing song and album, though I found the song Late Goodbye to be absolutely brilliant, possibly even better the Carnival and The Beautiful Ones
    25. FrostedxB
      I heard the song The Beautiful Ones in some machinima on Youtube and fell in love with it, started listening to more of them, but I'm always searching for more. What are your fav. songs?
    26. SimpleAssassin
      are you a member on
    27. SimpleAssassin
      Cats and Poets of the Fall. You are my new favourite person in the world
    28. Raziaar
      Happy Birthday Dude!
    29. jet_porkins
      A little while ago I put a group of my live recordings from big band and combo nights at my college onto a myspace page. The first track is an original composition and "All Blues" is a personal funkified arrangement.

      Any time you hear a tenor solo, that's me.
    30. jet_porkins is probably your best bet.
    31. jet_porkins
      I'm wondering if you have any recordings of your playing I could check out?
    32. MorganFreeman911
      Hey there. Thanks for that, I'm going to try it and report on how it helps.
    33. MorganFreeman911
      What do you do for relieving stress right before an audition?
    34. VirusType2
    35. jet_porkins
      I play sax. Typically tenor for jazz and alto for my legit playing.

      As for a favorite jazzer, I'm going to say Branford Marsalis, particularly when he plays (played? they might not be playing together anymore) with the trio he recorded several albums with. Jeff Tain Watts on drums, etc. I love his group's innovation, but primarily I find his melodious improvisation to be at the end of the track I want to direct myself as I develop my sound and ideas.

    36. Warped
      your picture is full of more win
    37. Warped
      thanks for the add bro
    38. FlamboyantPencil
      Hahah, thanks! Nice to meetcha.
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    Jun 12, 1987 (Age: 26)
    Denton, TX
    Masters student
    Trombonist - playing solo, in quartet, Symphony Orchestra, brass quintet : website for my brass quintet, still under construction - , crazy cat lady

    Music (mainly playing trombone & composing), games, food (eating (duh) & cooking), animals (I have four cats and I foster kittens during the summer)