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Jul 3, 2012
Jun 7, 2009
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Nov 11, 1991 (Age: 22)
New Jersey

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Tank, Male, 22, from New Jersey

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Jul 3, 2012
    1. Stormy
      Thanks :D
    2. Gargantou
      Can't seem to find it, feel free to add me instead, my SteamID's Gargantou.
    3. Gargantou
      Frosted, what's your SteamID by the way?
    4. CyberPitz
      Oh yeah, that thing is sexy. Variable Length Intake...mmmm.

      The thing sounds insanely sick.
    5. Acepilotf14
      The analog sticks work fine. Don't expect it to be a flightsim, but it's entertaining nonetheless. To get a flight stick for it means going on ebay though.. don't bother.
    6. Acepilotf14
      Looks like it's going to be like the difference of MW2 and CoD2. Casualized and action-packed as hell but at the expense of a decent story or challenge.
    7. Acepilotf14
      While it's not quite on the level of 4, 5, and Zero, it's still a fairly good game in its own right. I'd strongly suggest getting 5 and Zero (PS2) if you can, though 6 is fine too. It has better graphics, but is even more arcadey than the others and has some stupid high-g turn you can do which makes missiles impossible to land on you if you're careful.

      Multiplayer is mostly dead, though the small community is really friendly and awesome the last time I played.
    8. Gargantou
      Yeah that's fine, I am a huge L4D fan and CoD zombie is at least a tiny bit reminiscent of L4D :D

      Do you know any particular time you will be on, tell me when and what timezone and I'll convert it to my own.:p
    9. Gargantou
      Oh my, you're a Suomalainen? All this time I never knew!
    10. Gargantou
      I do have a mic on my sex-box, but you most promise not to make fun of my Swedish accent.
    11. Gargantou
      Sorry about not playing zombie with you yesterday, wanted to do a contract before I had to head off to bed, belated happy birthday by the way!
    12. Dinnesch
      Happy birthday!
    13. soulslicer
    14. soulslicer
      Wow that songs great thx. Btw check out dead by sunrise Chesters new band. Awesome stuff..
    15. Sheepo
      They're for infractions with some new system on the forum. There's a stickied thread about it in the lounge. I'm pretty much a badass.
    16. Kula Meenur
      Course I did, bro! I asked for it! :D

      Have been good mate, how's life in New Jersey? Or Florida for that matter?
    17. soulslicer
      course i listen to trap, have that album..not bad
    18. soulslicer listen to them? name me some other nu metal/post-modern bands that i'd have probably the genre, i could tell u a million other bands but i'll wait for your reply first, see what u have for me
    19. Sheepo
      Do you have a facebook?
    20. Sheepo
      I don't know when you'll read this but you're never on steam and wooooooooooooah
    21. Sheepo
      I was on a day or so again, but you weren't. I'll try later on, after tomorrow I'll be gone a few days D:
    22. SimpleAssassin
      As miss Frohman says. Join our ranks and appreciate the musical genius that is Poets of the fall. Hello friend.
    23. gFrohman
      Beautiful song - that one haunts the memory (in a good way). Have you gotten to listen much to Revolution Roulette much?
    24. gFrohman
      That's such a hard question - probably Dawn, All The Way 4U, & Carnival of Rust (pretty much the whole Carnival of Rust album) Carnival of Rust was their first album I heard (first heard Maybe Tomorrow Will Be a Better Day) - still one of my favs.
    25. gFrohman
      Fellow Poets fan, let us unite.
    26. Kula Meenur
      Yo dude.

      Welcome back to the ranks, marine.
    27. Sheepo
      I love your attitude soldier
    28. Sheepo
      It's not a secret or anything that you used to be Cavalry is it?
    29. Sheepo
      What's your steam name? For the next time I'm online.
    30. Atomic_Piggy
      Holy sex, it feels like the haze has descended again.
    31. Sheepo
      Sweet man <3 I've just been fairly busy and overwhelmed lately. Once I have a break from work/exams/exercise I should be good.
    32. Sheepo
      I still get on steam (though not as often). I'll probably be able to have a good long talk with you after this week, when summer commences.
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    Nov 11, 1991 (Age: 22)
    New Jersey


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