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Mar 14, 2014
Dec 31, 2003
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Apr 14, 1989 (Age: 25)
North Carolina
Front-End Web Developer

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Companion Cube, Male, 25, from North Carolina

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Mar 14, 2014
    1. Lizardizzle
      question: how do you make gif'd avatars?

      yeah, a noobish question
    2. BlueWolf72
      I did for that reason for the arguing that was going before i posted. I dont have forum admin so I had 3 images that rawkd...
    3. BlueWolf72
    4. BabyHeadCrab
      Thank you. He's honest--and that's all I can really ask from what I read, especially on a long hot and wonderful summer. His writing has a confessed vulnerability that's entirely absent in the other American greats.
    5. BabyHeadCrab
      Was just checking out the lit thread and noticed you talking about Kerouc, good to see another appreciator. Not even going to comment on what some of the other people were saying... it's rare that I get offended over people with differing tastes but J.K., despite being a raging alcoholic and Jew hater later in life, changed my life in a lot of ways.
    6. Sheepo
      I don't see why. Seriously, there's nothing wrong with it, it just tends to fall out of the lounge for a month or two until some one bumps it again.
    7. Sheepo
      "This thread isn't really aligned with the new "substance over spam" philosophy of the "Rate..." threads, which is probably why the old one disappeared, so... "

      It was not! I'm gonna go bump it right now and have you apologize to it!
    8. VirusType2
      I'm sorry about the spam thread. I don't know what I was thinking.
      Would I be able to get a ban for a week and how would I reverse the ban?

      I've got a months worth of work to do in less than a week, and I can't stop screwing around here lately.

    9. VirusType2
      Thanks for the friend invite. .. Not sure why I didn't have it already.

      I've been having trouble with my internet connection for a long time. This site really bogs, especially when I comment. It often crashes for hours after I hit 'Post'! Posting on a profile doesn't seem to drop me.

      Anyway, I figured I'd stick with under 10,000 Posts. Leaving here really improved my life dramatically, though of course I miss it here. If only I had twice as much time in life then I wouldn't have to give this up.

      With that out of the way, I was wondering if all of these threads talking about people leaving and half-life2.net/forums closing had any credibility?

      It sucks to hear people are leaving, even though I'm not really here myself.
    10. Rizzo
      Hehe yeah good question.

      Also yes. 1989. Cool.
    11. Rizzo
      Oh come on it wasn't that bad. Also I have like zero imagination.
    12. jet_porkins
      So what's gonna happen when HL3 comes out? Will the site become hl3.net? Will the current staff move on to bigger and better things?
    13. Glue
      Yeh ill have to see where there at. UNC Chapel Hill is a pretty good school too. One of my friends brother went there.
    14. Glue
      hehe thanks. Yeh I play disc in Chapel Hill with some friends of mine. Far ways away though from greenville.
    15. Sheepo
      Broseph, you should give us some closure on the Superbowl ban thread.
    16. Phobie
      I voted for you in the poll.

    17. Mech Man
      Sorry if this sounds a little intrusive into development or anything like that but do you guys have anything planned for vehicles for the factions?
    18. Mech Man
      I just tried out HL2: Wars and I have got to say I was blown away :D.
    19. BabyHeadCrab
      I'm always up for a game of DoD, good sir
    20. jet_porkins
      Ignore my previous post, I'm an r-tard and thought it was in "politics" when it's actually in "lounge."

      My bad!

      Your friend, Porkins.
    21. jet_porkins
      Hey did you remove the "Can God Commit Suicide" thread in the politics section? Just curious.

      EDIT: I don't care who deleted it, I just want to know why I don't see it on the thread list anymore. Notice of it's deletion would have been nice. I think fruitful discussion was taking place, and it was deleted needlessly, if that were indeed the case. A response would be VERY much appreciated, thank you.
    22. kineaesth
      I'm just listening to all of his tracks over and over, they're all so damn sexy.
    23. kineaesth
    24. Azner
      All your steam games...

    25. mchammer75040
      Hows uni goin? Messed with salvia lately? Add me on steam why dont cha? wes_in_himer@hotmail.com
    26. Rizzo
      and a bit douchy tbh.
    27. Gray Fox
      Well I know I mod made the thread and explicitly stated he didn't want bitching, and you also warned him
      just before.

      But it's kinda like if were talking in a store and some drug abusing college hippie comes, and pesters us.
      So we tell him to **** off. But he keeps on and on and on. And you warn him, you gonna shoot his head
      off, I laugh a bit at that, but okay.But he go's on, and then you actually do it. I mean no one expected
      you to actually do it, it's fine if you threaten to do it, but doing it is going to far. It's a bit of a shocker.
    28. Gray Fox
      Unnecessarily harsh tbh.
      Scary even!
    29. StardogChampion
      Congrats on stopping free speech.
    30. Rizzo
      Bit harsh huh? You even locked the thread?
    31. Moods
      Great profile!
    32. soulslicer
      shit, that's an awesome avatar.
    33. BabyHeadCrab
      What's been up duder? How's uni?
    34. BabyHeadCrab
      Whai hello thar.
    35. Azner
      Ennui, Half Life wars needs an update asap.

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    Apr 14, 1989 (Age: 25)
    North Carolina
    Front-End Web Developer
    I have a history degree which is fantastic for covering up unwanted bits of wall but not for much else.