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Feb 24, 2014
Aug 21, 2004
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Jul 5, 1990 (Age: 23)
Gold Coast, Australia.

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Companion Cube, 23, from Gold Coast, Australia.

What happens when the poles shift? It won't matter for shit who you roll with, cold and stiff. Oct 17, 2013

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Feb 24, 2014
    1. 15357
      They're watching you, you know.
    2. No Limit
      Don't be a douchebag bro.
    3. ríomhaire
      I meant you. Thanks. If I ever finish what I'm doing with this info I'll link you first.
    4. ríomhaire
      I need to know what kind of bottled beer you drink and can't be arsed looking over the "what do you drink" threads.
    5. Gargantou
      Indeed, broseph.
    6. Gargantou
      Oh, I do drink, just never to the point of getting drunk.

      But yeah, i'm trying to analyze myself to find out what hobbies I might be interested in.
    7. Danimal
      You should try pick up a new hobby or something, it doesn't even need to be career-based - or perhaps get those two guys you know IRL over to your/their house for your first drink? :O

      Might dramatically shake up the proverbial snow-globe, for better or worse? idk lol
    8. Gargantou
      Currently in a really depressive phase, but I do an internship at a dog daycare, I walk dogs for 2.5 hours three times a week.

      I never finished tertiary/secondary education over here either(Age 16-19), tried over three times but always drop out.

      Makes it even harder to get a job I might add.

      And for the past 10 days I've also been having some weird "gamers block", I am unable to find the motivation to play any game. It's really weird.
    9. Gargantou
      Yeah true.

      My father was major proof that getting wasted does not make life better.:p
    10. Gargantou
      Nah, never been drunk, never had sex, never done an awesome trip with friends.

      Heck, I only have two friends IRL that I meet very irregularly because I'm an emotional and social trainwreck.:p
    11. Gargantou
      Those bastards!

      Honestly, I envied you when I read your thread, I'm older than you but haven't lived nearly as much.

      And I'm still kinda trying to find my passion in life and shit to get some sense of direction.

      I hope you know how lucky you are to have found what you truly burn for and shit, I'd give my left-liver to find out what I'm passionate about!
    12. Gargantou
      Are all Australians as awesomely crazy but honest as you are?
    13. BabyHeadCrab
      let's go to PMs, but long story short: I have an account you can play.
    14. kineaesth
      You are world-class
    15. BabyHeadCrab
      Danimal the Manimal. You've now made it into my morning self-sesh. Grab me on SC2 beta, too--let's play sometime.

      email for it: citixen17@gmail.com

      I enjoy getting my ass kicked, particularly if you have a lot of pylons to destroy on random corners of the map.
    16. 15357
      Lol thanks, I suppose. :p
    17. Tagaziel
      My name change is the sign of the coming ApoHL2.netypse.
    18. Raziaar
      What noise do I make for you? :o
    19. Krynn72
      Well, I guess I'm just the first mad c*nt that bites people's balls then.

      And you're welcome. Its one bad wallpaper.
    20. Krynn72
      Thats stupid. Thats like when my friend says something is "bad" he means "badass" or something good. Only he says its bad.

      I'ma bite your balls like a mad c*nt mother****er.
    21. Krynn72
      I'll bite your balls mother****er
    22. Paskiewicz
      Oh, okay. Bye.
    23. Paskiewicz
      Hey, Dan. May I add you to my MSN list? I just want to talk to ya there. I have more than 50 buddies who are furries.

      I'm going to leave this crappy site soon. I wondered my friends would tell me do not feed assholes and trolls. I felt not comfortable with it because it is not helpful. But I'm glad. =3
    24. VirusType2
      Front man Syd Barrett went insane and could no longer be a part of the band. Roger Waters was like "wish you were here". Right?
    25. Paskiewicz
      Hello, sup? Tomorrow, I'll go to college. I don't think I don't post here much. :C I'm not sure.
    26. Ennui
      wake and bake errday 420 smoke weed etc
    27. Acepilotf14
      The perspective of your avatar confuses me.
    28. Paskiewicz
      I think I took it too serious. I did?
    29. Vegeta897
      God damn furry sympathizer.
    30. Paskiewicz
      A year ago, some assholes offensively yelled at me about my awful grammar in this forum. I've decided to learn how to write/type correct grammar... I went to literacy class. I didn't have a convenient time for posting here because of homework and everything for almost one and half year. I got here back.

      DescentBB.net is my really first of community forum. It is more nice and friendly than HalfLife2.net is.

      These are only two assholes who usually pick on me. Annoy me. They did the same before. =/
    31. Paskiewicz
      Oh, interesting.
    32. Paskiewicz
      I agreed with your comment, Dan. Wait... D animal. lol
    33. DiscoBiscuit
      I was looking through some of the replies to one of my threads and i'm sitting here thinking that these guys must be assholes of monumental proportions to sit around and criticize my threads and call me a noob, when they post some of the dumbest shit I have ever seen. It's unreal, i'm probably just gonna delete this account if this is what i have to deal with.
    34. DiscoBiscuit
      thanks, bro

      I'm sure i'll fit in, even though i've been met with some pretty harsh cooments already, not even 3 days in.
    35. Ennui
      dude you picked an extraordinarily fortunate time to post that as I actually did a bit of that tonight
    36. Saturos
      That fat bitch? Nah, I wouldn't mess with that cuz. That ho takes it up the bung by a DONKEY!!! WTF?!?!
    37. Saturos
      What possessed you to say that for no apparent reason anyways? Your a strange fellow Yogurt, which btw is now your new nickname.
    38. Saturos
      Coincidentally, your screename is a brand of yogurt. Pervert. :P
    39. ZT
      does not look like engy!
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    Jul 5, 1990 (Age: 23)
    Gold Coast, Australia.
    The original Danimal.