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Dec 2, 2003
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The Freeman, from The United States of America

HAIL HYDRA! Apr 21, 2014 at 10:14 AM

BabyHeadCrab was last seen:
Apr 22, 2014 at 3:44 AM
    1. Gargantou
      New one?

      Did you get banned or something?O:
    2. Gargantou
      Add me to XBL, you bottle of urine.

      GT is Gargantou
    3. VirusType2
      OK, BHC, thanks for the response. Some other time then; no problems.
    4. VirusType2
      I was like: What the hell are you talking about crazy man? (what chu talkin' about, Willis).

      and then we were friends forever.

      So what's up, you'd rather chronicle the ratings classifications of video games than speak to me about things that matter?

      Wanna talk about a presumptuous prick? Hey, I've been a vegetarian for 28 years, since I was about 7 and found out it was made of animals and I decided that it was unnecessary and wrong - disgusting and grizzly, even.

      That was about the same time I realized religion was total bullshit. A child could understand.
    5. Vegeta897
      Nice avatar it's revamped for the '10s!
    6. kineaesth
      No, I think I'm too vanilla for you.
    7. Krynn72
      WHATS YOUR GAME VITRUVIAN MAN? You're up to something! Something no good!
    8. Gargantou
      Number Six!
    9. Sulkdodds
      Maybe you should make it drug related.

      You okay, man? I'm in AMERICA did you know that
    10. Sulkdodds
      no, BHC, you are the demons
    11. Gargantou
      So how exactly does demons reproduce anyway? Spores? Spikes?
    12. Raziaar
      No rest for the wicked.

      Okay, so maybe that was intentional.
    13. Gargantou
      Let's reproduce and make some half-breeds!
    14. Raziaar
      :laugh: I wasn't even aware of the ramifications of what I said.
    15. Gargantou
      I shouldn't make a comment aobut that though, since I believe myself to be born to become the God-Emperor of Mankind.
    16. Gargantou
      Fair point I guess.

      I do believe I have seen horns beginning to grow in that toupee of his.
    17. Gargantou
      And before you ask, no, I do not understand sarcasm.
    18. Gargantou
      You're a terrible person for loving Kotick A.K.A. Satan.
    19. Raziaar
      Oh god, a name change! You're always baby headcrab to me.
    20. Raziaar
      Doing good BHC, what about you?
    21. Danimal
      I have the kind of copy of SC2 that would make you look down at me in shame. Mostly because it's a cracked version of the original beta. Foregin servers too etc.
    22. Danimal
      I am posting on your wall.
    23. Ravioli
      hahha ok. I dont speak norwegian anyway, although its similar to swedish. You should totally bone her. Tell her i told you to ;)
    24. kineaesth
      Irony? Why do you say that?
    25. MuToiD_MaN
      I beam with pride. Laser beams.

      I lost the source file with all the layers so I'm going to have a lot of work on my hands come Christmas time this year. Mutoid Man needs a Santa hat.
    26. Yorick
      I haven't read anything he's done. Good stuff?
    27. MuToiD_MaN
      Does BHC have the best avatar in the forum now? I THINK HE DOES
    28. Raziaar
      Your plane didn't crash! Awesome!
    29. Eugene Pota
      Oh babycakes, you know I hooked you up.

      I've been flagged twice for spam. Apparently my posts just aren't quite up to the caliber of the Butt Stamps and Linked News Item With One Sentence Comment.

      Y'all dead.

      How goes the trip? You need to get back soon.
      We need you. Hell, I need you. I'm a mess without you. I miss you so damn much. I miss being with you, I miss being near you. I miss your laugh. I miss your scent; I miss your musk. When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together.
    30. Eugene Pota
      Nice work BHC, maybe don't wear a bra next time
    31. BlueWolf72
      PS: PayPal can now be used to purchase 360 content, US only
    32. BlueWolf72
      booooooo ya
    33. Ennui

      We're one of the most popular servers in DOD:S, particularly on the 24/7 ava scene. Come play if you see me playing sometime :D
    34. Ennui
      Huh, I guess we weren't, I just added you on Steam. I'm [KEA] Hands Mechanical. Do you really play 30 hours of DOD:S every 2 weeks because if so you need to come to KEA's 24/7 ava sometime.
    35. Ennui
      Sure thing. What's your steam display name? I want to say we're already friends but you don't seem to be called BHC and I have way too many friends to look through aliases for everyone.
    36. Sheepo
      Well that's sudden and unexpected.
    37. Ennui
      Hell yes. Kerouac was a great man and a great writer, it's painful to read that thread but I can't defend him without playing right into their trap. What I love about him is the flow and poetry of his expressions, and the full-heartedness with which he flung himself into every moment of his life. The exuberant, pubescent energy burning in him that could only escape through ultimate visceral experience or at 40wpm in a steam stream for days onto a typewriter's scroll.
    38. Rossjg
      I need you on Steam tomorrow.
    39. theGreenBunny
    40. Pax
      I love you
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