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Jul 31, 2012
Mar 30, 2006
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Under CyberPitz Bed.

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Tank, from Under CyberPitz Bed.

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Jul 31, 2012
    1. DigiQ8
      Hello Anzer
    2. soulslicer
      haven't heard that in a long while lol

      speaking of insults, I told the burger auntie I want lan jiao (dick) instead of la jiao (chilli sauce) and she fukken loled. Im not Chinese you know..
    3. Kula Meenur
    4. Ennui
      It's being worked on! Patience... it's going to be at least a year before we have a proper full non-beta release with a campaign and all of that. There will be more betas before then though, each adding more features.
    5. ZT
      When did I say that?
    6. ZT
      What do I hate?
    7. Kula Meenur

      /me envies Azz
    8. Mellish
      How Do You Like It Bitch ;(
    9. toaster-chan
      You response is very much appreciated and you are absolutely forgiven.
    10. toaster-chan
      Oh, okay. Nevermind that a thread about random images is always going to be a bit spammy to some extent. And that the reason Ennui cited for closing Mugshots was simply that it had been going on too long, and didn't mention spamming or me at all in his explanation. But really, I apologize for posting pictures of myself in the thread designated for posting pictures of oneself. No, the reality here is not that I whore myself out for attention at every opportunity, but simply that I get at lot of attention merely by being something of an oddity on the forums.

      If you're too shallow to see me as anything other than an attention whore, then I frankly don't feel at all compelled to convince you otherwise. As far as I have seen, I have done nothing to degrade this forum, and have contributed in far more ways than you have. Just off the top of my head, yesterday I made a drawing tutorial for Shamrock's art thread. People whom I hold in high regard respect me for reasons far beyond my gender, and your inability to recognize those aspects of my personality places you on the same level as those who suck up to me just because I'm a girl.
    11. Kula Meenur
      Fair enough mate, we can't get along with everyone :p would be good if we could
    12. Kula Meenur
      Nah that's cool Azz, she sounds like a very individual person.

      Why don't ya like her?
    13. Kula Meenur
      Hehe, that's cool!

      Marco's the bomb :p
    14. Kula Meenur
      Eri? :D

      Brrrr! It's cold outside! I think i'll hop back in! :D

      What's it like in your chop chop?
    15. Kula Meenur
      With what mate? D:
    16. Kula Meenur
    17. soulslicer
      That's awesome! I love Switchfoot. Do cover Circles by switchfoot, thatd be pretty cool. :D
    18. soulslicer

      we do some of our own songs, mostly indie, progressive, experimental (we use alot of phasers and stuff..) and like to cover bands like tool, incubus erm..blur, and some grunge stuff like nirvana and all.
    19. soulslicer
      :( :( :( :(

      (laughs back)

      oh, btw, I hear you're a bassists, what kind of band do you play in? As in, what genre of rock? I too play in a band hehe..
    20. soulslicer

      I have my prelim exams today. Like my A Level Prelims. I need more holidays.
    21. Jintor
      We rive in Singpura~
    22. soulslicer
      Stand up for Singapore, be the BEST YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I'm late.
    23. Xendance
      Oh man, that is quite awesome. Hahaha, well done.
    24. Sheepo
      Well that was an interesting change of pace
    25. Adrik_Senturu
      shoes are sacred you cant just take a mans shoes i mean what the hell shoes.
    26. soulslicer
      Haha, yeah I read. Didn't think they would dedicate one whole page to him. Despite the newspapers claim and all, I still think he's gay. Did you know that when he is listening to his CD Player with his earphones connected, there is actually no song playing at all, or so we discovered, years ago.
    27. mocho loco
      this is a pretty sweet profile :D
    28. Rim-Fire
      I'm your worst nightmare. Hello! =D
    29. Ennui
      im a dev and wrote that newspost if thats what you mean :P

      if you like the mod now you're gonna love it later
    30. Kula Meenur
      Come on baby, light my fire!

      /me points at Azz
    31. VirusType2
      Expecting a call back from a local place where I applied for a job yesterday. Things are better, but they aren't fixed. Thanks for asking
    32. soulslicer
      lol, I got chased out of Bishan Mcdonalds for talking "shit" literally. See my thread in the lounge..

      stupid Mac's Manager..wonder how she got so fat..
    33. Darkedge34
      My name is so long because I was more creative than you. You just hit 5 random letters on the keyboard hoping for a cool name, and alas, Azner was born.
    34. Darkedge34
    35. soulslicer
      finally my exams are over, so i couldn't reply hehe..

      techno is for gays. trance is for pros.. (searches for thumbs up icon, fails..)
    36. Shamrock
      i love you :D
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