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  1. Gerzowktz
    Name of old friends, for clarification ...
  2. Tollbooth Willie
    Tollbooth Willie
    Rest in piece, Mel
  3. Higlac
    Higlac MorganFreeman911
    hmm. If I post here does it email you?
  4. Gerzowktz
    Finding a place.
  5. Ennui
    Ennui CptStern
    RIP Stern
  6. kalkonkula
    1. Hectic Glenn
      Hectic Glenn
      Impersonator, that account is now suspended.
      Dec 10, 2016
  7. MoronWatch
    MoronWatch jverne
    Seeing this forum was a terrible accident, but reading your dribble was just too much to bare, and is now something I can't unknow. I joined just so I could urge you to strongly consider a quick drive to your local vet immediately after reading this message and having yourself put down.
  8. GoolaKervin77
    Searching Gordon Freeman.
  9. GoolaKervin77
    Hello ladies and gentlemen.
  10. kennykunty
  11. signupreport
    Born To Chill ;)
  12. Krynn72
    Krynn72 Bad^Hat
    Hello love,

    I am writing to you as I had gone through all your bad hats on your avatar picture.
    I will like to meet you as lover as I have much share with you in interest, hats, and ideals.
    My name is Krynn,
    I will wait for your generous respond.
  13. Lamarr the Headcrab
    Lamarr the Headcrab
    "It's your pet, the blasted HEAD HUMPER!"
  14. D.r Gordon Freeman
    D.r Gordon Freeman
    Trying to believe that HL3 will be released.
  15. HattyJetty
  16. noahruark
    hello is anyone there?
  17. Neonridex
    Hoping that Half-Life 3 to be announced at E3 2016....
  18. D.r Gordon Freeman
    D.r Gordon Freeman
    Waiting for the HL3 to be released.
  19. Architector #4
    Architector #4
    Registered here because of HL Alpha page. :v
  20. VRG
    I am either coding or studying.
  21. VRTestgamer
    I'm here to make posts f
  22. AfterAllHuman
    Don't let your memes be dreams
  23. mars304
  24. smsmrs
    smsmrs tschumann
  25. Ennui
    Ennui Suicide Machine
    Is your name a reference to the band The Suicide Machines by chance?
    1. Suicide Machine
      Suicide Machine
      No, it's a song by a band :)
      Mar 17, 2016
  26. maximiliano
  27. Maxxigamer
    i love valve is my life and gabe MAKE THE ****ING HALF LIFE 3 !!!!!
  28. Hectic Glenn
    Hectic Glenn
    Please contact Steam support to report the individual you traded with by locating their correct Steam profile.
  29. Hectic Glenn
    Hectic Glenn
    I've been contacted by some individuals recently saying someone using my name has scammed them out of CSGO knives, this is not me!
  30. ThePremiumKitten
    ThePremiumKitten Hectic Glenn
    Why did u scam me?
  31. Spamming Tanks
    Spamming Tanks
    I'm sorry for being a grump-nose.
  32. TakeMyGames
  33. TakeMyGames
    Currently open to help new devs!
  34. Mexican_Psychopath
    Mexican_Psychopath Chris D
    Your name came up in a middleman trade of mine. Just wanted to verify that it was you :D
    1. Chris D
      Chris D
      Nope, not me.
      Feb 3, 2016
    2. Mexican_Psychopath
      Well shit. Noticed ur comment too late. RIP SKINS
      Feb 6, 2016
  35. knight_medek
    I'm currently looking for an animation software program that can work with either 2D or 3D animated movies (preferably 2D via steam).
  36. Gavrad
    Gavrad Chris D
    I need help, I just got scammed for my flip marble fade ice/fire pattern ;""(
    1. Chris D
      Chris D
      I don't know what that means. If this is something to do with trading on Steam you will need to contact Steam Support directly.
      Jan 31, 2016
  37. KyloX
    I love fool's experiments - I am always making them.
  38. Robert-
    Robert- Tollbooth Willie
    just wanted to say **** you
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    2. Robert-
      i love you
      Jan 24, 2016
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  39. thermitecenter
    thermitecenter Omnomnick
    Congratulations on VR, a great time ... if possible closer
  40. thermitecenter
    thermitecenter Omnomnick
    Good content this afternoon ... perhaps with more time to read everything and say something about Marc LaiDaw